Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Bewick's Wren

We recently had a new visitor to the bird feeder in our backyard: a Bewick's wren. As noted in this post, I've seen nesting Bewick's wrens in Live Oak Canyon and Big Morongo Canyon, but sightings are usually brief. They are quick and flighty. Having them in the backyard provides an opportunity to get a better and extended look. 


  1. That long slender beak almost looks like it could sip nectar from a flower.

  2. For several months, I have had a family of Bewick's wrens living in an abandoned robin' nest located above a protected doorway. The adults arrive every evening within seconds of each other. The youth arrives 10 minutes later and burrows underneath them. Every morning, the youth leaves first and then the adults follow. All very predictable. I would love to post a video.