Saturday, May 14, 2022

Purple-Bibbed Whitetip

The purple-bibbed whitetip is a Choco-endemic hummingbird found in the west slopes of the Andean cloud forest of western Ecuador and Colombia. eBird refers to it as "scarce" and Wikipedia notes that "little is known" because it rarely forages in the open. However, eBird does report 9,815 observations and 797 photos. 
Purple-bibbed whitetip range from Wikipedia.
Both males and females are mostly green with a short white line behind the eye. The male has a purple throat patch (giving it its name) and white tips on the inner tail feathers that combine to form a large white spot on the outer tail. 

Females are spangled (small and sparkling) green and white below with white tips on the outer tail feathers. 

I saw several of them at the Mashpi Amagusa Preserve in Ecuador.  

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  1. I love that purple bib. It looks smaller than other hummingbirds. Is it?