Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Bronze-Winged Parrot

I saw one bronze-winged parrot at Mashpi's Amagusa Preserve. Julia, my bird guide, was frantically waiving me over to her and pointing high up in a tree. A "bronze-winged parrot, a bronze-winged parrot, a bronze-winged parrot." I couldn't really see it well, it was a dark outline, but her mentioning it over and over stuck it in my brain, and my photos, lightened up, review a beautiful bird.  
It is found in Ecuador, Colombia, and small portions of Venezuela and Peru. It is mainly a deep purple-blue with bronze wings; a yellow bill and throat; a pinkish-red neck or upper chest; red under-tail feathers; under-wings of light blue; and pink bare skin around the eyes. 

It is quite a distinctive bird and I wish I'd gotten a better look at it. eBird lists 25,614 observations but only 602 with photos, so I guess I'm not the only one having a hard time getting good photos. 

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  1. In the first photo it looks a little like a pigeon, and in the last it looks like an Olympic diver.