Friday, May 13, 2022

Ornate Flycatcher

The ornate flycatcher has a fairly limited distribution in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. 
Ornate flycatcher range from Wikipedia. 
It has a gray head with black eyes, a short black beak and white "headlights," that is, white spots between the eyes and the beak. It has yellow underparts and a yellow rump, with moss-green back, and light moss-green mingling with yellow on the chest. The tail is brown or rufous, tending to be rusty on east-slope birds and brown on west-slope birds. 

I saw three of them at Mashpi Amagusa Reserve in Ecuador. eBird notes 19,136 observations and 964 photos. 

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  1. It is amazing that the distribution is so small. Apparently they don't migrate and they must not need to travel much. How lucky you were to see three!