Saturday, August 14, 2021

Tree Swallow

The fourth type of swallow Rachael and I saw at Bear Lake Migratory Bird Refuge was the tree swallow which I saw near the Salton Sea in Southern California and I only saw one or two, although the one I got a photo of was a beautiful adult. 

I've never really known anything about swallows, but I've been struck by the names of those I've just seen: tree, cliff, barn and bank. The tree swallow got its name from its habit of nesting in tree cavities. The cliff swallow got its name because it nests along mountain cliffs. The bank swallow, also known as the sand martin, got its name because it lives in banks, particularly banks of sand. The barn swallow got its name because it often makes its nest in the rafters of a barn or shed. I find the similar purpose in the names associated with these four swallows extraordinary. 

The tree swallows were not as beautiful as the male I saw near the Salton Sea. They were either immature or females:


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  1. Seeing them perched on the grasses is a good indication of how lightweight they are.