Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Western Burrowing Owl - Pellett Road 2 Redux

On June 12 I saw my fifth group of owlets, the second burrow of owlets on Pellett Road. There were two owlets and I saw both parents, one standing off aways and the other feeding the owlets. One June 21 I saw the burrow again, but this time I found three owlets and the one parent that was present was hunkered down in the burrow, much more so than the owlets, and it was not until I watched for quite a while that I saw much more than a portion of her eyes and the top of her head. 
Parent owl is to the far right. 

The owlet next to parent rises up, but parent stays down. 

Finally, parent rises up.

Synchronized head turning.

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  1. Those yellow eyes are piercing. Love the synchronized head movements.