Thursday, June 24, 2021

Western Burrowing Owl - Owlets on Vendel Road

My tenth burrow of owls with owlets this year was found on June 21 on Vendel Road. Given the number of owls I've seen along this road, and the number of burrows, I'm surprised that these are the only owlets I've seen on it. I saw two owlets and both parents. One unique thing I saw with these owls was one of the parents flying into a field of greenery to the east, drop down to catch an insect of some sort, quickly fly out again over to the owlets and drop behind a bank to feed the owlets. Later I saw one of the owlets run along the ground to the east, across the dirt road, and then into the greenery on the field to the east. Earlier in the day I saw owlets that were a little bit further along, flying. 
The two owlets.

An owlet getting ready to run, ultimately across the road and into a field to the east. 

I got photos of the owlet on the road and across the road, but they were through the windshield of the car and not in focus. 

An owlet and one of the parents. 

An owlet looking up to its parent for food.

One of the parents in flight. 

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  1. The brown dirt background shows how well their camouflage works.