Sunday, June 6, 2021

Boulders Bay - South Africa

Boulders Bay, on False Bay, is part of Table Mountain National Park on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula in Simon's Town, 29 miles south and a 55 minute drive from Cape Town, South Africa.  Two breeding pairs of African penguins made Boulders Beach their home in 1982 and through protections established to sustain them, the colony has grown to about 3,000 African penguins now. The name Boulders comes from granite boulders that provide the rocky perimeter for inlets on the beaches and the penguins extend beyond Boulders Beach, at least to Foxy Beach, where a walkway has been established for visitors to walk in among the penguins of the colony and view them very close-up. 
We visited in late-May 2018 and found nestlings in their down which was a lot of fun. The African penguin is also known as the Cape penguin or South African penguin for obvious reasons and is only found along the coasts of southern Africa in 24 colonies, mostly islands, from Namibia to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

The following are photos of the African penguins we saw in Boulders Bay:
Judy on the walkway at Foxy Beach with nesting penguins in the sand to the side. 

A penguin walking among the granite boulders. 

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  1. Being there felt like being on the movie set for Mr. Popper's Penguins. These penguins look quite cuddly.