Monday, May 17, 2021

Wetlands Between McDonald and Hazard Roads near Niland

The Imperial Irrigation District is required to maintain a managed marsh complex of about 959 acres as part of a mitigation settlement related to the conveyance of irrigation water. I've found one particular road I like, between McDonald and Hazard Roads, just west of Hwy 111 and two miles south of Niland. It has significant open water and cattails and is about 5 dirt roads west of Hwy 111. 

Following are birds and a muskrat I've seen there:
Ruddy duck

Black-necked stilt

Snowy egret

Western sandpiper

White-faced ibis

Yellow-headed blackbird - female

Yellow-headed blackbird - male

Yellow-rumped warbler

Lesser yellowlegs

Tree swallow

American coot

Cinnamon teal

Wilson's snipe

Long-billed and short-billed dowitchers

Pied-billed grebe


Burrowing owl


Forster's tern in breeding plumage.

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  1. That's an amazing variety of birds, and the still water makes for perfect reflective photography.