Sunday, May 16, 2021

Varner Harbor at Salton Sea State Recreation Area

A consistently good place to see birds, at least currently, is Varner Harbor at Salton Sea State Recreation Area on the northeast side of the Salton Sea in Mecca. Right now, with the water levels so low, the harbor does not provide access to the Salton Sea for boats and the birds have uninterrupted use of the harbor.  
Varner Harbor from near the parking lot. A dilapidated dock is just visible to the bottom right. 

Near water's edge, the boat dock in the distance.

Near the channel that leads into the harbor. Ducks often stand on the opposite shore. 

The channel that leads to the harbor: looking out toward the Salton Sea. 

The channel to the harbor: looking from the opposite direction. 

Near the mouth of the channel and the Salton Sea. 

The Salton Sea near the mouth of the channel. 
I've seen the following birds on or near Varner Habor:

Blue-winged teal were common my first visits there. 

It is the only place I've seen a bufflehead. 

Cinnamon teal

Greater scaup

Female lesser scaup.

Northern shoveler

American coot

American avocet in non-breeding plumage. 

American avocet in breeding plumage. 

Bonaparte's gull

Red-necked phalarope

Wilson's phalarope

Least sandpiper

Western sandpiper

Black-necked stilt



Black phoebe

Wilson's warbler

Gambel's quail. 

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  1. More great reflections in your photography. It is a beautiful place, but what will it be like in summer? Hot, miserable, mosquito-ridden? Will all these birds stick around?