Saturday, May 29, 2021

Shaba National Reserve - Kenya

Shaba National Reserve ("Shaba") is east of Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserves in northern Kenya. 21 miles of the northern boundary of Shaba is the Ewaso Ngiro River, which is also the boundary between Buffalo Springs and Samburu. We spent two nights in the Sarova Shaba Lodge which is in Shaba right next to the Ewaso Ngiro River, but separated by a chain-link fence. While we had two safaris in Buffalo Springs (afternoon and morning), we had only one partial safari in Shaba (part of an afternoon). Much of the wildlife we saw in Shaba was on the grounds of our hotel. 

The following photos are of wildlife we saw in Shaba:
This Nile monitor was seen by a member of our group in Buffalo Springs, but I saw one on the grounds of Sarova Shaba right outside our room, although it was quite a bit smaller. 

This Nile crocodile is along the Ewaso Ngiro River just off the Sarova Shaba grounds, separated by a fence. Black and white sacred ibis are along the river edge and a hamerkop is standing on a log in the river. 

Closer look at the sacred ibis.

Closer views of the hamerkop.

Superb starling on the grounds of the Sharova Shaba.

Hadada ibis, on the grounds of the Sarova Shaba.

Vervet monkeys on the grounds of the Sarova Shaba.


Buff-crested bustard

Augur buzzard

Olive baboon

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  1. Ah, the site of the Born Free story. Love the starling photo.