Thursday, April 8, 2021

Texas Fox Squirrel

In 2013 I did a post on the eastern fox squirrel. In a recent trip to Texas we noticed many fox squirrels in different locations. I got photos of them in San Angelo along the Concho River Walk and in Austin on the grounds of the Texas state capitol. There is a subspecies of the eastern fox squirrel, also known as the fox squirrel, which is the Texas fox squirrel. I don't know what is different about this subspecies from others, or what the exact location parameters are, but I'm assuming that the fox squirrels I saw are of this subspecies. A Texas wildlife source notes that there are no fox squirrels in the Panhandle. 
This fox squirrel and the one below were in San Angelo near the Concho River. 

This fox squirrel was in Austin on the grounds of the capitol. 

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  1. Imagine walking around with a whole mango hanging out of your mouth. That's about the same ratio of that nut to the squirrel. Great photo. I love the golden cast to the fur.