Monday, April 12, 2021

American Avocet

Some years ago I had a ranger tell me that you had to visit the desert regularly to appreciate it, to see it change. She was alluding to the flora mainly, the flowers and cacti. I'm beginning to appreciate that the same also applies to desert fauna as well. 

In January I was at the Salton Sea SRA and saw some American avocets in their gray non-breeding plumage. Prior to that I'd only seen one previously, in breeding plumage near Alamosa, Colorado in 2014. Friday I saw several again, both at the Salton Sea SRA and in Niland near McDonald Road where they were in some flooded fields feeding. They were in breeding plumage, the difference being like going from black and white tv to color tv. The rusty head and neck really sticks out and makes it look like a completely different bird. 
This first series of photos is of several avocets found in Niland, near the Salton Sea. They have a funny up-turned bill. 

This photo and those that follow are from an avocet found at Salton Sea SRA. There were quite a few others there and others I saw in Niland, these just turned out to be the best photos. 

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  1. I just love that bill--so long and slender, almost tweezer-like. The new clothes he's wearing are pretty fancy.