Thursday, April 29, 2021

California Great-Horned Owl

I decided to do a survey of the great-horned owl nests today. We drove over to a home a mile or so away and saw the owls nesting in a palm tree. A parent was standing on a palm frond in a tree across the driveway. 

Two young owlets are still in the nest in the palm tree above the driveway. The third owlet that dropped out of the nest a two weeks ago is still in the trees in the back of the yard, but Larry (the home-owner) couldn't find it while we were there. He said he can find it later in the evening when it hoots so that its parents will feed it. 

It appears that there is only one owlet in the nest in our neighbors yard. We see it standing on branches in the large pine tree. That tree is so tall and so full of branches that good looks are not available. 
A parent is always standing in the tree watching. 

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  1. 2021: The Year of the Owls. It's been lots of fun so far.