Thursday, October 22, 2020


On Friday, October 16, we drove up and through the Pawnee National Grassland in northeastern Colorado to visit Panorama Point, the high point of the state of Nebraska, just over the Colorado border and very near the border with Wyoming. On our drive we saw three sets of pronghorns.
The Pawnee National Grassland is two separate units, indicated by the tan shading. It is in northeastern Colorado. The top of the eastern unit is the Colorado state line. The vertical black line just left of the top star is the Wyoming/Nebraska state line. The three black stars are where I saw pronghorns. 
The first set was just south of Briggsdale (the lowest left black star on the map), just before we entered the western unit of Pawnee National Grassland. 

The second set was very near Panorama Point, the high point of Nebraska, on the High Point Ranch (the top black star on the map). 

The third set was after leaving Panorama Point and the eastern unit of Pawnee National Grassland on our way to Fort Morgan for the night. Two pronghorns were just below Raymer (the bottom right star on the map). That was the most fun observation as we followed the two pronghorns in the car while they were running at full speed. They eventually stopped for a few seconds, near a fence line, before reversing course and running east from us. 

I don't get to see pronghorns very often and always relish seeing them.. 

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  1. They look at least as interested in you as you were in them.