Friday, October 23, 2020

American Golden Eagle

In September we were driving down a road outside of Klamath Falls, Oregon and I spotted a golden eagle perched on a telephone pole. Judy got the photo, I was not on the right side of the car. I figured it was a golden eagle by its massive size. 
The American golden eagle, a subspecies, is found in Alaska, western Canada, the western United States and down into the Guadalajara area of Mexico. It is dark brown with a lighter golden-brown plumage on the back of the crown and nape that gives it its common name. Some adults have white on the upper part of each scapular feather tract. The bill has a yellow cere and the bare portion of the feet is yellow. 


  1. Can't miss that guy, he is huge.

  2. Wow, I took a great photo (with a little help from your photoshop)!