Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Mountain Bluebird

Adult male mountain bluebirds are sky-blue, darker above than below and white under the tail.  The color tends to be brighter on the tail and wings. It has a round head and a thin bill. 
It is the state bird of Idaho and Nevada. They are found in open country across western North America, including mountainous areas, as far north as Alaska. 
We were in the Black Mesa State Park and Nature Preserve in the extreme northwestern part of the Oklahoma panhandle, hiking the high point of Oklahoma which is Black Mesa. The temperature was in the mid-30s. Judy noticed them and pointed them out to me. They hover over the ground, which Judy saw, and fly down to catch insects as well as well as fly from a perch to catch them. This was a first for me. 

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  1. Such a brilliant color. They really stood out among the browns and grays of the terrain we were in. Beautiful birds!