Thursday, July 4, 2019

Common Snipe

We saw a common snipe in Bundala National Park in southern Sri Lanka. It looked like a woodcock and I've learned that snipes and woodcocks look much alike, but the snipe has a smaller head and eyes, a more slender body and neck, a longer beak and stripes on the head and back. 
This was the best view, although blurry. 
It is migratory. European birds winter in western and southern Europe and Africa, while Asian birds winter in Southern Asia. 
The stripes on the back and head stand out. 
Good view of the head.
The body is mottled brown with pale lines on the back and buff, brown, chestnut and black streaks and blotches. It is pale underneath, with a dark stripe through the eye and light stripes above and below it. The crown is dark brown with pale stripes. 

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