Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Ceylon Ashy-Crowned Sparrow-Lark

The ashy-crowned sparrow-lark is a lark the size of a sparrow. The subspecies found only in Sri Lanka is the Ceylon ashy-crowned sparrow-lark. 
It has a bill like a finch and short legs. The male is sandy brown with a black belly, chin, lower lores and eye stripe. The female is pale brown, without all of the black,and looks like a female house sparrow. They do not perch in trees or bushes, but are usually seen on the ground. 
Note the finch-like bill and black neck, belly and eye-stripe.
They are found in South Asia, south of the Himalayas to Sri Lanka, to the Indus river system in the west (Pakistan and India) and to Assam in the east (northeastern India). 

We saw only one, in Budala National Park in southern Sri Lanka. 

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  1. I like those last two photos that show the details of the feathers--varying sizes and colors.