Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Black-Headed Gull

We saw black-headed gulls a number of times on our recent trip, including in Iceland, outside of Reykjavik,
Black-headed gull in Iceland.
and at Auschwitz, outside of Krakow, Poland. At Auschwitz we were feeding them bits of bread from our sandwiches.  
Black-headed gull in Poland.
In summer, the adult has a chocolate-brown head, a pale gray body, black tips on the primary wing feathers, a red bill and red legs. 

The distribution, set forth below, is quite wide, including most of Europe, and other widely scattered spots, including rare visits to eastern North America. 
Distribution map from Wikipedia. Green = year round, yellow = summer, and blue = winter. 

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  1. Beautiful birds, but a bit eerie. They fit the mood at Auschwitz.