Sunday, July 1, 2018

Southern Reedbuck

We saw one southern reedbuck in the Okavanga Delta of Botswana as we were getting close to Kadizora Camp where we were staying. It was difficult to see at first, our guide, KT, had to patiently point it out to us, as it was hidden in tall grass. 
On our trip to East Africa four years ago we saw only one of another species of reedbuck, the bohor

The southern reedbuck has a distribution from Gabon and Tanzania south to the Miombo Woodlands. In a graphic imposed on a map of Africa, that includes northern Botswana where we were. 

The specific description is of little consequence as most of the peculiarities are not visible in my photos. KT, our guide, identified it as a reedbuck and it is the only one of three species of reedbuck that would be in the area. Further, photos I've seen look like it. In fact, Wikipedia notes that a major population is in the Okavanga Delta. Only males have horns, so obviously this is a male. 

One of their characteristics is that they "flee with an odd rocking-horse movement..." The following pictures somewhat illustrate that movement and I recall when it was fleeing that it had an odd motion in that regard. 

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  1. Wow, amazing that you caught the rocking in still photos! Love it!