Saturday, July 14, 2018

Grey-Footed Chacma Baboon

The chacma baboon is one of five species of baboon and the grey-footed chacma is one of three subspecies of the chacma baboon. It is found from northern South Africa to southern Zambia, including the Okavanga Delta in northern Botswana and Hwange NP in western Zimbabwe where we saw them. 
This is my favorite picture. Two big males sitting in a tree in Hwange. I love their red eyes, the whitish football black markings under their eyes and their pyramidal hair.  
This male just has it.
The grey-footed chacma is a little smaller and lighter in color and build than the Cape chacma I just blogged on and it has grey feet. 
This big guy is swaying out among the leaves and limbs of a large tree. 
A good view of the elongated snout. 
A smaller baboon on a large tree trunk.
Red eyes and less extensive white marking under the eyes. 
We really had some fun baboon sightings on this trip. In the Okavanga Delta we found a large troop dispersed among several very large trees with little ones scampering up the side of the trees and out into the limbs and leaves. 
This little guy had no problem going up the side of this large tree. 
It was even better in Hwange NP where we came upon them one evening as they were just getting ready to go into the trees for the night. One particular big male put up with a little one as it crawled around and over him. Another day as we went on our walking safari we saw a group of about 50 or so at the waterhole at The Hide where we were staying. 
These photos are not as good, but I love this grouping with the big male involved in family life. Here he holds a little one in his lap. 
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Note that the big one is still involved with the little one. 
Big yawn - dealing with youngsters can be tiring. 
They are very entertaining to watch. 
A nice flash-shot of a baboon bum. 
Part of the troop near the waterhole at The Hide. 

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  1. Another very unique and memorable experience. I love how they live in large communes and have regular territory. Your shot of the yawning baboon is my favorite.