Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cape Spurfowl

I noted with interest as I looked up "cape spurfowl" on Wikipedia that the photo of the cape spurfowl they have was taken at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Center outside Cape Town in South Africa. That is where my photos come from. 
Cape Spurfowl near Cape Town, South Africa.
The morning we arrived in Cape Town we rented a car and visited Cheetah Outreach, then went to Kirstenbosch and spent several hours walking the beautiful grounds. 
As I looked at my pictures of spurfowl, I noted that I had two colors of spurfowl that otherwise looked virtually identical. One was brown and the other was black or grey. It took me awhile, but I eventually determined that the black or grey one was the Cape spurfowl, also known as the Cape francolin and the other was a different species altogether. 
Description: It has legs and feet of dull red; a cere (upper bill) of dull yellow, an upper mandible (beak) that is dark and a lower mandible that is dull orange; its plumage is finely vermiculated (marked with sinuous or wavy lines) in grey and white. It is endemic (unique) to the southwestern cape of South Africa.   

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  1. Incredible place, that Kirstenbosch Gardens. It was a great way to start our visit to South Africa and is a place I would love to return to.