Thursday, August 24, 2017

Black-tailed Jackrabbit - Cabeza Prieta

I've previously posted on the black-tailed jackrabbit, but a recent sighting in Cabeza Prieta NWR, located in southern Arizona, inspired another small post. I've seen quite a few jackrabbits in southern Arizona but have never gotten any good pictures of them. On a recent trip I was near a holding pen for the endangered Sonoran pronghorn when I saw two jackrabbits together in an area full of creosote. As I stopped and pulled out my camera the two rabbits jumped in unison, something I wish I could have captured on film. By the time my camera was ready and focused, one of the rabbits disappeared. 
I did capture the remaining rabbit apparently licking its paws which made it look rather kangaroo-like. 
It, too, then disappeared. 
There are 17 subspecies of the black-tailed jackrabbit, but not enough readily available information to properly identify this one or those in my previous post. There is another species of jackrabbit in this area, the antelope jackrabbit, but this is definitely not of that species. 

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