Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Agave Grill - Ajo, AZ

A made another quick visit to southern Arizona and tried a new restaurant in Ajo, Agave Grill. It was recommended to me by an Ajo resident I met up Alama Canyon. I love the name. It is perfect for the area. 

It is basically burgers and skewers and some sides. The burgers included the Curry, which my waiter recommended, the Kim Chi, which I ordered, the Tikka, the Miso, the Teriyaki, and the Huli Huli.  

The Kim Chi Burger was piled high with kim chi and a thick slab of cheese and the burger itself was thick and medium rare in the middle. It was really a nice piece of meat. I had to really clamp down on it to fit it in my mouth. I had an option of fingerling potatoes or sweet potato fries and opted for the fingerling potatoes, which were good. 

The Stir Fry Vegetables included broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrot and red pepper. I would have liked more quantity, but they tasted good, albeit a little greasy. 

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  1. The best burgers are those which are juicy, full of meat, a big layer of cheese and really big. Your definition of the restaurant and the burgers made me crave for a huge burger.