Thursday, December 22, 2016

Water Buffalo Tongue - Pureed

Exotic Meat Market recently slaughtered a water buffalo and are offering the meat for sale. I've had a water buffalo ribeye and mozzarella made from water buffalo milk and both are excellent. C. c. Claudia gave us some water buffalo tongue that was very much like a pate. 
As I understand it Claudia pureed the tongue in a blender (presumably after boiling it first) and added spices including jalapeno and red pepper. The texture and taste were pate-like and the peppers added some subtle heat and crunch that was marvelous. 


  1. I really loved the freshness and texture that the vegetables added to the very flavorful meat. This was yummy. Thanks, Claudia!

    1. Thank you . I wish I was prepare for this little surprise. Very nice shape for a french kiss pate :) .