Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Granville Market - Vancouver

One of the most amazing markets we've ever visited is Granville Market in Vancouver, Canada. It is a mixture of restaurants, farmers markets, bakeries, and sellers of all sorts of food products. I could eat myself silly in that place and we nearly did on the morning we visited. If I lived nearby, I could eat there most every day of the week. I share some pictures of some of the delectable delights we saw and tasted.
One of my favorite parts of the market were the stores selling seafood. Here are some fresh salmon.
Smoked salmon, capelin and other kinds of fish.
This maple smoked salmon was fantastic.
We purchased a sampling of the smoked salmon types. All were good. The salt and pepper salmon, back left, was particularly good. 
Wonderful soft smoked salmon. 
Salmon collars.
Lots of deli style dishes.

Lots of cheese.

Cured meats. 
This wild boar prosciutto looked really good.
I had to try some in honor of the wild boar prosciutto that was confiscated from me at JFK on our way back from Italy years ago.
They also had Jamon Iberico, which we hadn't seen since being in Spain years ago - so we had to sample some of it.
Slices of Jamon Iberico.
We got some wonderful bread with black olives in it.
Blueberry bread with powdered sugar.
Foccacia bread.
This looked really good - had to have some - roasted red pepper and spinach focaccia with Asiago cheese. 
A quiche of roasted peppers. Unfortunately, this one looked better than it tasted. 
A crepe with banana and Nutella.
Trays of sweets.

More bread
Some of the nicest stuff was produce.

Mangosteen, the purple fruit to the bottom left, and rambutan, to the right. 

These currants were screaming at me.
I don't remember if these were cape gooseberries, golden berries, or something else, but they looked really good.
We got one of these baskets with a sampling and enjoyed them while we drove around in our car later than day. I would love to have better access to all of those berries. The currants were a little tart, but good and the orange berry was great.
Vancouver has great access to seafood, coastal farms, mushrooms, berries and other foods. Granville Market brings much of the best that the area has to offer. It was a treat to visit. 


  1. A few hours at Granville was not good for either our waistlines or our pocketbook. It was fun to visit, and I'd go back in a heartbeat, but I'm rather relieved that we don't live close enough to visit every day.

  2. I LOVE Granville Market! One of my family’s favorite places to visit each time we go back. :D

  3. I'm impressed by all of the ways to prepare salmon.