Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fat Olives - Homer

We visited Homer, deep in the Kenai Peninsula, after earlier visits to Talkeetna, Denali NP, Palmer, Wassila and Anchorage. I continued my quest for Alaskan salmon. A little earlier we'd walked along the Homer Spit and stopped to watch men cleaning salmon that had been caught during the day by one of the myriad fishing outfitters. We loved the Homer Spit, a thin peninsula that juts five miles out into Kachemak Bay, full of fishing outfitters, restaurants, art galleries and souvenir stores. 
Cleaning salmon on the Homer Spit. 
Fat Olives was off the Spit, on the mainland, and rated the no. 2 restaurant in Homer on Trip Advisor. We got their early, a little after 5:00 p.m. but still had a 20 minute wait. It was part take-out, pizza and sandwiches, and part sit-down restaurant. 
A fun mural on the side of the building.
I ordered the fresh Alaskan sockeye, presumably caught off the Spit, pecan encrusted with lemon caper butter sauce, black rice, and broccoli. I ordered it under-cooked and for the third time straight got it that way. I kept thinking back to that beautiful king salmon filet I had at Denali Salmon Bake that they refused to under-cook and absolutely butchered. This was a re-confirmation that salmon is wonderful with rice, this time with added rice and capers, and that sockeye salmon can be very good. 
Sockeye covered with rice, capers and lemon.
A look inside at the moist, orange flesh.
More broccoli, but we've been listening to "How Not to Die" by Michael Greger, and I'm thinking how good broccoli is for you. Alaskans really know how to cook salmon, at least the good restaurants. My appreciation for it is growing. 
Judy, who is not on my salmon craze, ordered pizza for the second night in a row. Hers was a Green Garden pizza, with pesto, roasted garlic, ricotta cheese, artichoke hears, roma tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms. Again, very good. Alaskans also know how to cook pizza, at least the good restaurants. 
Fat Olives, fun name, like the Rustic Goat the day before. Not too fancy, but very good. It contributes to my positive vibes about Homer. 


  1. The capers were a nice addition to your salmon, and my pizza was yummy. I rarely order pizza in a restaurant in the US, but for some reason it was really hitting the spot in Alaska.

  2. There's some irony in the fact you're listening to a book on healthy eating while trying all of this food. Good thing salmon is high on your list!