Thursday, September 1, 2016

Glaucous Gull

The glaucous gull is the second largest gull in the world and found in the Arctic regions. Glaucous is from the Latin "glaucus" and denotes a bluish green or gray color, the color found on the glaucous gull's back. There are four subspecies. We saw Larus hyperboreus barrovianus which is found from Alaska to northwestern Canada. 
Glaucous gull on Gull Island.
It is pale gray above with a white head and underparts, white wingtips, and a yellow bill with a red spot near the lower mandible. 
Glaucous gull on Gull Island
They breed in colonies on rocky coasts and cliffs. We saw some on Gull Island in Kachemak Bay and also near Hubbard Glacier in Southeastern Alaska. 
Glaucous gull near Hubbard Glacier. It was photographed from an upper deck of the Island Princess while we sailed in the bay.

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  1. The bottom photo almost looks like a watercolor painting. Wonderful wingspan shot!