Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lamb Testicles - Stir Fry

The wife of one of my partners was shopping in an oriental supermarket recently and brought me a present of four lamb testicles.
For some reason when she saw them she thought of me. I've had lamb testicles on one previous occasion, at Cattlemen's Steakhouse in Oklahoma City where they were breaded and fried and euphemistically referred to as "lamb fries." However, they were so heavily breaded and fried that any relation to lamb testicles was mostly destroyed. 

Having recently cooked testicles for the first time (bison - both breaded and fried and fried without breading), I was ready to cook them without much preparation. 

I was surprised by how big they were. Comparing the relative size of a bison to a lamb and then the size of their testicles, it is hard to believe that it is not sheep attacking tourists in Yellowstone instead of bison. 

I parboiled the testicles for five minutes and two of them imploded, inside out, kind of like an egg in a microwave. The other two shrunk into round, water-balloon like, balls.
The inside of the parboiled testicles was white, with the look and texture of veal knackwurst. This was unlike the bison testicles which were yellowish inside, like sea urchin sushi. The taste of the sheep testicles was very mild, like knackwurst.  

To go with the testicles, I chopped up and fried Thai chili, garlic and shallots in some olive oil. Then I added a little bit of elk and some sausage.  
I put a frozen Chinese pancake on a griddle, then fried two eggs over-medium and put all of the ingredients on the pancake. 

The testicles did not need the sausage or elk meat to mask the taste. The testicles were good in their own right, nice and mild. 


  1. Next time I see a herd of sheep, I think I'll stay in the car.

  2. Hard to imagine why anyone would think of you when spotting such a delicacy in a store :)