Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Good Shepherd Catholic Church - Beverly Hills

Good Shepherd Catholic Church is located on the corner of Roxbury Drive and Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, California, just a short walk from some of the most exclusive shopping in the world on Rodeo Drive. It was dedicated on February 1, 1925 and is the oldest church in Beverly Hills. It is part of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. We were in Beverly Hills for a chocolate tour and noticed this beautiful church just a block away and walked over to it after our tour was finished. I thought it was an Orthodox church, but it is Mission Revival Style architecture, with inspiration from the Spanish missions in California. 
Good Shepherd Catholic Church
The outside is very plain, white with a red tiled roof, and two towers capped by gold domes with crosses on top of them. The grounds are beautifully green despite the drought, with an enclosed area on the south side with benches and some statues.
Three front doors, inner doors, and pediments over them, as well as benches inside are of a beautiful golden-blonde wood with varied carvings. This is one of the very distinctive features of the church. 
One of three front doors.
Pediment over an outside door.
Pediment over an inside door.
On a door.
Another distinctive feature is the stained glass. It is interspersed randomly with colorful odd circles and other shapes that give it a kaleidoscope feel. The stained glass was shipped from France, Germany and the British Isles and renovated by the Paul Phillips Studio in 1959. 
St. Michael
St. Patrick
St. Joseph
St. John
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Peter
Aside from the afore-mentioned elements, the inside is quite simple and has a lovely serene calm. The priest was sitting up to the side of the altar, quite still, apparently contemplating confession which was starting a few minutes after we left. 
Inside,from just inside the front doors.
Baptismal font
The Stations of the Cross were placed up and down each of the inside walls. They were quite simple and not among the favorites I've seen. 
The 13th Station of the Cross
The 14th Station of the Cross. I think the first time I've seen a representation of this station actually showing Jesus being laid in a vault. 
As you might expect, it has had a star-studded cast of parishioners. Weddings here have included Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton, Mark Wahlberge and Rhea Durham and Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter. Funerals have included Rudolph Valentino, Gary Cooper, Alfred Hitchcock, Rita Hayworth, Danny Thomas, Frank Sinatra and Merv Griffin. 


  1. I think the best thing about this church was its simplicity, especially in light of its location in Beverly Hills. So unexpected!

  2. What a lovely gem amidst all that chocolate!

  3. Interesting church, was it part of a tour?

    1. No, we saw it near where our tour started and went back to visit it when the tour was over.

  4. Those are well-made woodcarvings and stained glasses, Bob. Its architecture, white walls, and gold accents work so well – it’s clearly meant be admired in its simplicity as a place of worship. Also, it’s very interesting to note this serene and beautiful church actually hosted famous weddings and funerals. Thanks for sharing!

    Carson Coronado @ Old St. Mary's Detroit