Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bulgarian Feta Cheese

In a previous post on the shopska salad, I mentioned discovering this wonderful salad in the Balkans. We learned that it was developed by Bulgarian chefs and that Bulgarian feta cheese was the cheese of choice for this salad. 

Last Saturday we stumbled, by chance, on some Bulgarian feta in a store in Los Angeles. It was only $4.99 a pound, so we bought a one pound block of it and quickly determined to try it out on a shopska salad. 
I'm sure there are many variations of Bulgarian feta, like there are of regular feta and other cheeses. Given the cost, I'm also sure this is not a high-end version of it. We found it had a slightly plasticy texture, a touch of lemon and was not as salty as anticipated. I'd read that Bulgarian feta is generally saltier than Greek feta, granier and more dense. This was dense, but not saltier. I liked it, but not anywhere near as much as some of the brined fetas we've tried. 
It was good on our shopska salads, but not as good as the brined Greek and Israeli fetas we've tried on them. 
Shopska salad with Bulgarian feta. 


  1. I quite liked the milder flavor that didn't overwhelm the vegetables as much.

  2. Where can i find this store. I am bulgarian and i would like to buy it. I do not like the Greek feta, which is also more expensive. Thank you in advance!

    1. Karabakh Market, 5363 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles (323-469-5787)

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