Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rufous-Tailed Weaver

The rufous-tailed weaver was originally found only in Tanzania but it now found regularly in Kenya. We encountered it when we took a bathroom break at a small airstrip in Serengeti National Park. There were some trees in the parking lot just filled with their nests. 
Grass nests of the rufous-tailed weaver in Serengeti NP.
It was originally classified as a weaver, but is now placed in the sparrow family, but retains its name. It has brown upper parts with pale edging, giving it a distinctive mottled look. 
Rufous-tailed weaver
The underparts have the same mottled effect, but are paler. 
Rufous-tailed weaver
It has chestnut or rufous colored tail, which gives it its name, pale blue eyes and an orange bill.