Thursday, July 31, 2014

Golden Palm Weaver

The golden palm weaver is found along the coast and in lowlands to 4,000 feet elevation from southern Somalia, to eastern Kenya (west to the Samburu/Buffalo Springs area) and northeastern Tanzania. It has a gold/orange head, yellow/olive upperparts, a yellow breast and a black bill. 
Golden palm weaver in Buffalo Springs NR. Photo by Mark Edwards.
Photo by Mark Edwards. 
It often weaves a nest on a palm stem, probably where its name comes from. We encountered this beautiful bird at the western edge of its range, in Buffalo Springs National Reserve in northern Kenya. We were crossing a small stream and it was flitting in and about the grass and bushes near the stream. Mark Edwards called attention to our driver to stop and we watched it for five or ten minutes. 
Good view of olive/yellow upperparts.
It is small enough that it was often partially hidden by the grass.

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  1. I would never have guessed there's such a wide variety of colorful birds in Africa.