Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mount Kenya Sykes' Monkey

Wikipedia lists Sykes' monkey as a species with 12 subspecies, including the Mount Kenya Syke's monkey. The National Audobon Society Field Guide to African Wildlife lists the various Sykes' monkeys as some of the 20 to 25 subspecies of the blue monkey. In either case, the Mount Kenya Sykes' monkey found on Mount Kenya and in the Aberdare Mountains (west of Mount Kenya with a peak over 13,000 feet in elevation) has some distinctive features, including a broad white collar with black shoulders and a dark red back and long ear tufts. 
Mount Kenya Sykes' Monkey with infant on its side. Photo by Steven Shuel.
Same monkey from a different angle. The infants eye peers out from the left. The reddish back and white ear tufts are also visible. I believe this is one of Judy's photos.
This was the monkey that we encountered at the Serena Mountain Lodge in Mount Kenya NR. We found it climbing on the side of the building, looking in the windows while we were eating breakfast and looking for open patio doors (posts on Trip Advisor warn to keep the patio doors closed or monkeys will enter). 
Good view of red back. Looking for access to rooms at the Mountain Lodge. Photo by Mark Edwards.

This high elevation monkey, the Mountain Lodge is at 7,200 feet, has a thicker coat than its lower elevation cousins.  

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  1. It's a well-groomed monkey as well. The coat is silky and looks like it has been combed. Any idea if these monkeys are kept as pets?