Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hadada Ibis

The hadada ibis is found widely in Sub-Saharan Africa. The only place I saw them, however, was on the grounds of the Sarova Shaba Lodge in Shaba National Reserve in northern Kenya, making their loud "haa-haa-haa" call. 
Hadada Ibis in Shaba NR in northern Kenya.
It is mostly brown and gray with a red stripe on the upper mandible, red on the upper surfaces of the toes, a white horizontal stripe on the cheek, plumage with an iridescent green/bronze/purple sheen over its wings, blackish legs and a black to gray bill.
My first impression on seeing this ibis was that it was iridescent green. That color kind of dominates.
This front view shows the limited scope of the red on the upper mandible.


  1. That's a beak designed for sipping Coke out of a bottle.

  2. That green splotch is quite interesting on another wise plain-ish bird.