Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bare-Faced Go-Away-Bird

The bare-faced go-away-bird has one of the more interesting names I've run into. It occurs in two distinct areas of Africa: (1) In Ethiopia from the southern border north through the Ethiopian Rift Valley highlands; and (2) Malawi, northern Zambia, southeastern Zaire, then north through eastern Zaire, west and central Tanzania, southwestern Uganda and west Kenya. It is common in Masai Mara and in Serengeti, where we saw them. 
Bare-faced go-away-bird in Serengeti NP, Tanzania.
It has bare black skin on its face, a black bill, a fluffy brown crest on its head, a white neck, brownish-gray underparts and a gray back, wings and tail. 
It is very loud and makes itself known if it is in the area. I found this one at the entrance of the Serena Serengeti Lodge. One of the more fun birds I encountered in Africa. 


  1. Of course anyone telling bare-faced lies is going to tell you to go away, and tell you loudly.

  2. I would have loved to be on that bird-naming committee.