Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sous-Vide Blackbuck Ribeye

I previously did a blog on fried blackbuck ribeye. Blackbuck is an antelope from India and this meat likely came from blackbuck raised in the wild in Texas. The steak is very small, virtually free of fat and very mild, surprising when compared to other antelope I've had. Nilgai antelope and pronghorn antelope may be two of my least favorite wild meats so far. 
The blackbuck steaks after being removed from the sous-vide bath.
I cooked the meat sous-vide for two hours at a temperature of 54 C (just under 130 F). I purchased them already vacuum packed, so I cooked them as they came, rather than opening them up, seasoning them and repackaging them. Then I fried them briefly on each side in some canola oil in a frying pan. 
Blackbuck steaks after frying briefly in a frying pan.
The taste was pretty much the same as when I fried them, mild and without the gamy taste of other antelope, but the done-ness was more evenly distributed throughout the steak, except for the outside which had been fried briefly. This resulted in a nicer eating experience as I did not have some of the rare/raw spots I got when I only fried them. I think that the sous-vide cooking is going to substantially enhance the wild meat cooking experience.  
Blackbuck steaks - nice, even cooking inside.

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  1. I wonder what Denise would say considering she is from the antelope patrol.