Monday, May 19, 2014

Animal Signs

As we have traveled around the country we have noticed some fun signs relating to animals. I decided I needed to start photographing them and keeping a record. I am adding signs as I come across more:
In Crystal River, Florida. Careful of the manatees.
On Sanibel Island, Florida. One of several gopher tortoise signs.
Sanibel Island.
We saw several of these turtle signs on our drive from Toronto to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. 
The entrance to Bruce Peninsula National Park has this warning about nesting turtles. 
This unusual sign in Bruce Peninsula NP shows a turtle on the side of the side. The first time I've seen such a sign.  
On the Bruce Peninsula outside the National Park. It is in a Native American language and means "turtle crossing." 
I didn't actually photograph this one. I just remembered that I saw signs showing the animal and naming the animal. This is an example of a sign warning of panthers.
We ran into a number of crocodile crossing signs between Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys. I got this from the internet.
A moose sign in New Hampshire near Conway. They are concerned for human life.
In Alaska, they are concerned for moose lives, telling you how many moose have been killed in a particular area. This sign does not give a number, but we saw several that did give numbers and the numbers was in the hundreds. 
A more traditional moose sign in Alaska. This type was closer to the population centers. This was just outside Anchorage. 
Buffalo sign in Custer State Park, South Dakota
Black Bears near Oak Glen in Southern California.
Similar buffalo sign in Custer State Park.
Bison sign in Badlands NP, South Dakota.
Wildlife sign in Custer State Park.
Beware of Rattlesnakes in Badlands NP.
An interesting snake sign in Bruce Peninsula NP, Ontario, Canada.
Another snake sign in Bruce Peninsula NP. I believe this may be the poisonous massasauga rattlesnake. 
This snake sign was near or on the Bruce Peninsula. 
Turtle and snake sign on the Bruce Peninsula. 

Prairie Dogs in Badlands NP.
Turtle crossing sign outside Custer, SD where a large pond is on both sides of the road.
Bighorn Sheep sign near Hill City, SD.
Colorado also has its share of animal signs.
Deer sign outside of Buena Vista.
I got this off the internet because I was driving too fast to stop and take a picture. This bighorn sheep sign was in a canyon outside of Denver to the east.
This elk sign was in Central Colorado south of Salida, I believe. 
We also ran into a few fun signs in Africa:
In the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

In Nairobi National Park

At the Serena Mountain Lodge in Mount Kenya NR.
A caribou sign in Alaska.
Another caribou sign in Alaska near Denali NP. Note, this caribou has larger antlers than the one above. It also has been shot at.
Duck sign in Alaska
We just recently found some animal signs in California:
Beware of mountain lions and rattlesnakes in Griffith Park.
Rattlesnakes in Griffith Park.
Watch for bears in Mt. Magazine State Park in Arkansas.

Bears near the Chisos Basin in Big Bend NP in Texas.
Bears and mountain lions in Big Bend NP, Texas
Chisos Basin, Big Bend NP
Along Highway 8 between Lukeville, Arizona and Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico, the El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve is along most of the west side of the highway. We found the following animal signs.
The endangered Sonoran antelope is a resident of the Biosphere. This photo was taken through the windshield during a driving rain. 
Coyotes are not endangered, but they are apparently concerned about them. 
This is the same sign for bighorn sheep we saw in Colorado. 
Buffalo are rounded up annually at Antelope Island State Park in Utah, on the Great Salt Lake, and the excess buffalo are sold at auction. 

On a more recent trip to Antelope Island, I got a photo of this sign. 
In Cabeza Prieta NWR in southern Arizona there is a captive breeding herd of the endangered Sonoran pronghorn. There is a mile square fence housing about 70 pronghorn. Along the dirt road near the pen the following sign is posted in a number of places:
Outside Cape Town, South Africa, we visited Cheetah Outreach. These signs are not road signs, but they are worth adding. 

South of Cape Town, at Boulders Beach, we visited a colony of African penguins. 
At Robben Island, west of Cape Town, saw a few African penguins that are found on that island. 
Near Cape Point, South Africa, we found a sign acknowledging baboons and cobras. 

Near Hwange NP in Zimbabwe, we visited the Painted Dog Conservation Center. Road signs are posted in that area. 

On our drive from Windhoek, Namibia to Etosha NP, we encountered quite a few warthog signs as well as the warthogs themselves. 


  1. I've hit a few deer in my life, but I hope to avoid moose and crocodiles collisions forever. Some interesting signs!

  2. Admit it--each of these signs raises your hopes for adventure.