Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jerusalem Restaurant - Kissimmee, Florida

I've been to Kissimmee, Florida for seminars, each for a week in January, the last two years and I've eaten at Jerusalem Restaurant three or four times (for both lunch and dinner). During that period I also ate at King O' Falafel, another Middle Eastern restaurant, about seven or eight times. For freshness, friendliness of staff, salads, hummus, and falafel sandwiches, King O' Falafel is much better. 
However, for meat, Jerusalem Restaurant is the place to go. 

This last January I had a very nice plate of sauteed chicken livers, not something you normally find in a restaurant. Normally when you find liver, it is beef liver, which is larger and has a stronger flavor. These chicken livers were cooked nicely and there was a lot of it. 
Sauteed chicken livers.
I also got lamb shanks, something a little more common than chicken livers, but still not something regularly on restaurant menus. The lamb shanks were nice and big, cooked well and probably my favorite food item that week in Kissimmee. 
Lamb shanks.
Finally, I got lamb chops. They were small and over-cooked, but I still enjoyed them. Lamb is so good that it is hard to destroy it. 

The service at Jerusalem Restaurant is slow, the place is dark and the staff is not very friendly. I get the feeling I've barged in as an uninvited guest. 

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