Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cheese: Meadowkaas and Parrano Goudas

I previously did a post on different kinds of Gouda. I was at Trader Joe's recently and picked up a couple of cheeses I'd not seen before and discovered, after-the-fact, that they were also Goudas, although not labeled as such. Meadowkaas Spring Cheese, 
marketed by Trader Joe's, 
is made from cow's milk in Rouveen, Holland. It is a Gouda-like cheese with a yellowish tan wax rind and a pale yellow flesh. 
It is only made for three months during the spring while the cows are feasting on meadow grass and it ages for four weeks. 
The milk has a higher cream content, over 50%, and the milk has a very nice mild, creamy, salty taste. I like it more than regular Gouda, but would still rate Double Cream Gouda higher. It reinforces my love for all things Gouda. Parrano, a trademarked brand, 
is another cow's milk Gouda cheese made in Holland, exclusively by Uniekaas. 
However, it is aged for five months and has a richer, fuller taste, a little bit sharp and cheddar-like and tastes aged. 
It is marketed as more of an Italian-like cheese. It is made with the same cultures used to make Parmesan. 
The Parrano, as more of an aged Gouda, is not anywhere near as good as Old Amsterdam, but then again it is only aged a fraction of the time. It is better than the Trader Joe's Cave Aged Gouda. However, I still prefer the Meadowkaas to the Parrano, even though it is only about half the price, as it is softer and sweeter.  


  1. I had Meadowkaas and it is not nearly as good as Beemster's Graskaas. Seems like Uniekaas took the idea from Beemster and just put an ordinary cheese under a slick marketing campaign.

    1. I've had the Beemster Vlaskaas and Classic Aged Gouda, but not the Graskaas. I'll have to look for the Graskaas and try it. Thanks.

  2. I just fell into that trap. I sometimes crave 'echte kaas' and bought a chunk of Meadowkaas at Whole Foods. It is just as bad as any other imitation Goudse kaas, probably made for export specifically, way too salty! I don't taste anything but salt. Parrano is always good though, so I will stick with tat from now on.

  3. I just tried the Meadowkass and loved it.