Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cheese: Dubliner

Dubliner cheese is marketed under the Kerrygold brand and is named after the city of Dublin, located on the east central coast of Ireland. 
However, the cheese is actually made further north in County Cork. It is made of cow's milk using a secret recipe, but is aged at least 12 months and, according to Wikipedia, has the "sharpness of mature cheddar, the nuttiness of Swiss cheese, and the bite of Parmesan." 
The first impression I got as I tasted it was Swiss cheese, which I don't love, but to a much lesser extent. It is also has a little sharpness, but again, to a much lesser extent than other mature cheeses. It also has a hint of sweetness. So the taste is complex, but without really jumping out at you. I purchased it at the same time as some aged cheddar with Irish whiskey, also made by Kerrygold, which I liked a lot more. 

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