Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cheese: Delice de Bourgogne

Delice de Bourgogne is soft-ripened, in the tradition of Brie and Camembert, 
and a triple cream cheese made in the Burgundy region of France. 
Creme fraiche, France's cultured cream, with a sour cream-like tartness, is added to cow's milk in the manufacturing process to get the butterfat content up to 75%. It has a thin, bloomy or moldy rind, with a pungent, moldy aroma. 
The flesh is a white to yellowy paste that is the consistency of thick cream. It is so runny that the packaging we bought contained hard, clear plastic sheets along both long edges to keep the cheese (cream) in place. When I pulled off the plastic sheets, the cheese (cream} started to ooze out. 
However, it is unlike the heavy, thick, plasticy consistency of the bulging out cheese I found with Supreme Brie or Reblechon. It is much lighter, creamier, almost a whipped texture. It is the texture of a soft cream pie, very smooth and melts in your mouth. 
Judy says it tastes like liquid gold. It also has a soft blue taste, probably not as strong as the Camembert, but the taste lingers a long time. It leaves a bite in your throat, the same feeling you get after vomiting (I know that paints a nice picture), but certainly not in as bad a way. This may be the most unique cheese of any I've tried. It is extremely rich, a little goes a long way. 
It would probably kill you if you ate too much. But wow, it is indulgent, and reeks aristocracy. Think Marie Antoinette. It is something you should try, even if just a small taste. Not the kind of cheese you can eat a lot of. Not an every-day cheese. So, let them eat cake, but you, please, take at least a bite of Delice de Bourgogne. 


  1. Oh, heaven of cream nirvana pillows, melting bliss rivers of happiness, I had no idea of your concorde haute couture when I purchased you at Trader Joe's. My tongue will never be the same, I am spoiled for ever, merci, merci, J'adore delice de bourgogne.

  2. This cheese is absolutely divine. While I haven't tried the Trader Joe's version yet, I did order some from and it was to die for. It's another cheese I'll add to my list.

  3. This is nothing less than cheese CRACK!

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