Monday, December 5, 2022

Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge - Utah

Fish Springs NWR covers 17,992 acres at the southern end of the Great Salt Lake Desert northwest of Delta, Utah in Juab County. 

It is one of the most isolated NRWs in the lower 48 states. It is 75 miles from the nearest town with any services and, depending on where you start from to get there, requires a minimum of 25 miles on dirt roads (if driving from I-15 at the Meadow exit just south of Fillmore) and up to 80 miles on dirt roads (if driving the Pony Express Route from Rush Valley south of Tooele). It has 10,000 acres of spring-fed wetlands. The water is very saline and warm, about 80 degrees F and is not fit for human consumption. I was there at a bad time of year for wildlife (I visited Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge a few days later and it was also meager in terms of wildlife). 
This is a poor map, but the best I could find. 
The following are photos I took when I visited on October 20, 2022:
American coots.

American robin

Dark-eyed junco

Canada goose

Greater yellowlegs

Horned lark

Lesser yellowlegs

Loggerhead shrike

Red-winged blackbirds

Pronghorn antelope. This was one of the best sightings of pronghorn I've ever had. 

Chukar partridge. This is probably the best view I've ever had of chukars.