Friday, December 2, 2022

California Towhee

My first post on the California towhee is here. I see so many of them that I am sort of jaded, I hardly look at them anymore. However, they have a very limited range and I should consider myself lucky to see them on a regular basis. 
Range map for California towhee - Wikipedia
They used to be considered to be the same species as the canyon towhee, which I've never seen, but they are now considered a separate species. Here are some more photos since my first post:
At Bolsa Chica, near Huntington Beach.

In Live Oak Canyon near Redlands. 

At Big Morongo Canyon. 

In our backyard in Redlands, on our birdfeeder. They used to feed primarily on seeds on the ground, but I'm seeing more and more of them up in the air on the feeders. 

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