Saturday, November 19, 2022

Allen's Hummingbird

 I visited the IRWD (Irvine Ranch Water District) San Joaquin Marsh this morning and saw a new hummingbird, Allen's hummingbird. It is the fifth species of hummingbird I've seen in the U.S. and 20th internationally (all of the 15 outside of the U.S. were seen in Ecuador). 

It only has a small range in the western U.S. (it is even hard to see on the map below). It is only common in coastal California from Santa Barbara north and southern coastal Oregon. 
Yellow is breeding, blue is wintering and green is year-round. From Wikipedia. 
The male has rufous flanks, rump and tail, a green back and forehead, and an orange-red throat. The female and immature is similar, but has a speckled throat instead. 
Light always makes a huge difference in how hummingbirds look. Here the throat almost looks black. 

Here you see a little green on the back. 

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  1. I looks like a hybrid of a cardinal and a hummingbird. Very pretty, and how polite he was to sit still for you.