Thursday, September 22, 2022

Sr. Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal

Judy found a restaurant a short walk from our hotel in Lisbon with great reviews. Fortunately we were early, because it filled up fast and people just a little later than us were turned away if they did not have reservations. 

Sr. Lisboa was all about sharing small plates. First they brought us out some wonderful bread with dipping oil, green pepper butter, red pepper butter and sheep cottage cheese. All of it was terrific. 

Next was polvo (octopus) with chimichurri sauce and some potatoes. Our waiter said it was their most popular dish and I was on an octopus push, so it was a no brainer. My notes say, "Amazing." I love chimichurri sauce and these guys know how to cook octopus. Loved, loved, loved it. 
Our next plate was a nod toward something healthy, a salad with warm cherry tomatoes and oil dressing. Warm cherry tomatoes were a revelation. It completely transformed them into something else, a good something. 
Next was volcano bacalhau, complete with very garlicky mashed potatoes that were slathered with buttery lava. The Portuguese national cod on top was a side dish to the potatoes and butter that rivaled the octopus for goodness. 
Finally, crispy pig with cheese sauce. I love crispy pig and this was good, but the mashed potatoes and octopus were better. This was a delicious, incredible meal.

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  1. Wow, did we luck out. We've used Yelp many times with much less success. This was our best last-minute find of the trip. Amazing food.