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Hawaii Mission Journal - Part 10 [2/12/49 to 5/3/49]

February 12, 1949 (Saturday):

    This morning we went to Laie with Pres. Smith to settle some difficulties that had arisen between the Becks and Elders Chambers and Putnam. On the trip, I guess that I didn’t eat right nor enough and so as a result, I got quite sick last night and had diarrhea and vomited several times. Went to bed as early as I could after that.

February 13, 1949 (Sunday):
    Had a restless night throughout and awoke this morning feeling rather woozy. However after getting something in my stomach I felt stronger. I didn’t go to priesthood meeting because I felt that Sunday School would be enough. After Sunday School I went out again to Geo. and Irene’s with Elder Anderson. Had a steak dinner that was really something but I really shouldn’t have indulged I guess, because it didn’t make me feel any better.

February 14, 1949 (Monday):

    Matthew Cowley of the Council of the Twelve arrived on the Lurline this morning and with him brought news of Reed Cannon[97]  in San Francisco. He is surely a remarkable character. Tonight we went to a sukiyaki dinner at Malamakoa originally planned for just the Mission Presidency and it turned out to be a huge affair with everyone but our missionary sisters invited.

February 15, 1949 (Tuesday):

    A usual day in the office colored by an interesting experience with visitors to the Tabernacle. I met a Mrs. McMaster from Salt Lake with her daughter and a sister from Honolulu. I showed them through the grounds and as I showed them the font, she asked me whether it would be possible for me to baptize her nine year old daughter. I took her name and address and phone number and made arrangements in the meantime to have this done. I also took a group of girls from the Roosevelt High School through and they were all very interested. Tonight I went to George and Irene’s for dinner as usual and it was much enjoyed.

February 17, 1949 (Thursday):

    Went to Hallstroms for dinner and enjoyed a fine meal of roast and all the trimmings. I had quite a time trying to get along with my hand in the condition that it was in.

February 19, 1949 (Saturday):   
    We took the Fuchigami Family of Lanai out to the Temple today to be sealed to their parents. Bro. Musser gave us the use of his car to do it with. Before they went to the Temple we attended part of the hukilau at Laie. Elder Anderson and I didn’t go to the temple with them because of my right hand being bunged up. This took most of the day and we returned in the evening ready for bed.

February 20, 1949 (Sunday):

    Attended Waikiki as usual and after went out to George and Irene’s for a chicken dinner. Had to give a talk to speech dept of the Oahu stake Union meeting which I did later in the afternoon. Tonight Bro. Geo. Knapp gave a very fine talk, and I offered the benediction.

February 21, 1949 (Monday):

    Went to Dr. today and he took half of stitches out of my hand and it feels much better. Pres. Smith returned from Kauai after conference there and gave a good report. This evening I gave the lesson in the Chinese M.I.A. and I felt the help of our Heavenly Father guiding me.

February 22, 1949 (Tuesday):

    Attended a missionary testimony meeting conducted by Pres. Cowley for both missions - all missionaries on the Island of Oahu. The meeting lasted for 10 1/2 hours with one 10 minute break. Some marvelous testimonies were born and experiences related. The talk by Pres. Cowley at the end of the meeting of course was the highlight. He told of giving a baby sight when but a few months old, and it was totally blind. Of blessing an old couple and their subsequent gift of a child from Heavenly Father. Psychologist could not question psychological effect on that. Le Grande Holbrook bore a sweet testimony also.

    A letter from Luella Cannon was typed up and included among Dad’s papers, labeled “science and faith.” The letter was dated February 22, 1949, and was as follows:

Last evening we had a wonderful evening when our Church History group met at the Lion House, with dinner as usual, but to especially honor our member Henry Eyring who so recently received such an outstanding award for his contribution to science. With guests, over forty were present. Pres Olpin was our speaker and I always admire the way he meets the situation when he speaks at a funeral or a gathering of Church members. He addressed us as brothers and sister. He told some intensely interesting things, and I was impressed with an incident he related concerning his going to Princeton to investigate the possibility of interesting Henry Eyring in coming out to our U. of U.. He talked with a Dean Taylor who was as he put it, Henry Eyring’s boss. The dean said Henry Eyring couldn’t afford to give up his connection with Princeton and I think that it was fifteen years he had been there. Of course Dr. Olpin felt it was the other way about and that Princeton would suffer the great loss if Eyring left that university. A group of men talked things over at Princeton and Henry Eyring was present. Some one mentioned to him that his whole heart and love must be in his work which he had chosen for life or he couldn’t have accomplished so much. The answer which came was one which astounded those present, for it was -- ‘You must remember I am a Mormon, and as interesting as this work is to me my greatest interest is a spiritual one. This is as nothing in comparison.’ He was fearless, true and so humble in this admission.

February 23, 1949 (Wednesday):

    Went to work on the index of the “Instruction Book.” Learned of Elder Anderson’s transfer to Nanakuli today - he’ll be leaving on Sunday Evening. We went out to Tripler General Hospital this afternoon and met a Sergeant Lockwood that was converted  by John Bowd. Had quite a chat with him.

February 24, 1949 (Thursday):

    This afternoon I baptized Chiquita McMaster of Magna Utah, and it was a (9 yrs old) real thrill to see the way that she responded and afterwards she came up and put her arms around me and looked up at me and thanked me. It was a thrilling experience to know that I had possibly done a little good. It made me feel good all of the rest of the day. This evening we attended the Central Pacific Mission conference sessions and enjoyed immensely the talk of Bro. Cowley. He talked straight from the shoulder on baptism and the first principles of the gospel.

February 25, 1949 (Friday):

    A day in the office with not much new happening. Jubilee Moikeha came in this afternoon and told of his projected plan to be married tomorrow. He is marrying a Korean girl Florence Lee. Tonight we went over to Smiths where Bro. Ching showed his pictures and played his recordings. Bro. Cowley was there and it was an interesting evening.

February 26, 1949 (Saturday):

    This morning I went down to the pier with Pres. Smith to meet the Lurline as it came in from the Coast. On it came two missionaries for Japan, two C.P.M. missionaries and three for the Hawaiian Mission. Those for the Hawaiian Mission are an Elder and Sis MacLean from Canada and an Elder Smoot from Corinne, Utah. Elder Smoot and Elder Anderson are to go out to Nanakuli tomorrow and work temporarily. This afternoon I spent some time typing up a few things that I have wanted. Tonight they had a big turnout at Phd. Meeting and thoroughly enjoyed the talk of Bro. Cowley. Afterwards we went over to Smiths for a little while and enjoyed a piece of cake.

February 27, 1949 (Sunday):

    Another wonderful day at conference and the spirit was much in abundance. The Oahu Stake Choir sang in both sessions and they were marvelous and it was one of the finest things that I have ever heard. The leader, Miriam Keawa was the soloist on the last two farewell songs at the close of the program and it was beautiful. Pres Cowley gave some fine talks as usual and it was all very much worth while. This afternoon we ate at the Honolulu Café - waitress knew we were missionaries and gave us free pie alamode. Elder Anderson left tonight for Nanakuli and I am alone again.

February 28, 1949 (Monday):   

    A difficult day. I had several unpleasant problems to cope with and I am finding it increasingly more difficult to keep my respect for Pres Smith. This afternoon I chased all around room with the Elders of Waimanalo in search for equipment for their home Afterwards I drove them out in the Jeep and returned in just enough time to present a lesson for the Book  of Mormon at the Chinese M.I.A.

March 1, 1949 (Tuesday):

    Pres. Cowley, Weenig and Smith left this morning for a tour of the southern Islands and conferences this afternoon. I took Elders and Sis MacLean out to Laie where they will work until the 18th of the month and then they will leave and go over to Kauai. Tonight Geo. picked me up and took me out there for dinner and afterwards went to a show called June Bride that was surely good. With Bob Montgomery and Bette Davis.

March 2, 1949 (Wednesday):

    This morning I went to the Dr. for a final check up on my hand and was pleased to find that had all healed practically in a place that I had previously been worrying about. Spent several hours down town running errands. Afternoon Evelyn Moyle Nelson called up and added Sis Smith to let me take them out for a drive in the car and so I spent a couple of hours driving them, her mother and a Lucille Young something around. Got back in time to go up to Chauncey and Florence’s for dinner and arranged to have a couple of good talks with them about phases of the Gospel. Left - “These Annoying Mormons” for them to read. After that I came back and Bro. and Sis. Doak took me out for ice cream.

March 3, 1949 (Thursday):

    It has been an extremely beautiful day all day and one which felt like summer was here for sure. Difficult to believe that other sections of the world are in the grips of snow. This afternoon late I went over to Hallstroms for dinner and it was surely a wonderful meal. They served ham and all of the trimmings and it was a wonderful treat. Their little boy Jimmy got sick and came down with quite a fever. I hope he is alright.

March 4, 1949 (Friday):

    Not much doing this morning but I took Sis Wintch, Sis Wilding and Sis. Smith to the airport to go to Maui for conference. After that I went over to the Launderette and had my laundry done. It was really slick - I just went in and set my clothes in the machine, went out and had a milk shake and then went back and picked them up. Tonight I went to a cottage meeting conducted by a couple of Stake missionaries but it happened that most of the people that were supposed to didn’t show up. I gave the lesson on science and faith.

March 5, 1949 (Saturday):

    This morning was a busy one - Elder Lundgren had to go out with the bus and take care of something and I was asked to go and get Frank Fullmer who came in from Tahiti and also a couple of hours after that to take them to the airport (Sis Weenig and Cowles and Fullmer) to go over to Maui for conference. Later this afternoon I went over to Geo. and Irenes for dinner - or that is they took us to the Country Club. Visited Geo. Knapp afterwards.

March 6, 1949 (Sunday):

    The Fast Meeting today had a wonderful spirit and it was one meeting that more should have attended. Afterward I went out to Geo. and Irene’s and had a wonderful chicken dinner and enjoyed the afternoon immensely. Things are pointing strongly to Geo. Cannon becoming the next Bishop of Waikiki Ward. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it happen. Tonight after meeting A. L. Gonzales, former Pres. of Waimea Branch came over to see me and we talked for  a couple of hours.

March 7, 1949 (Monday):

    There was not much doing in the office this morning, but I accomplished a lot. Tonight, I was scheduled to go to Chinese M.I.A. but Sis. Doak invited me to come up and she had a luau in honor of Bro. Cowley and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She had a few Maoris there also in his honor and Mirah danced a Maori dance.

March 8, 1949 (Tuesday):

    A usual day with work in the office. This afternoon I went to Queen’s Hospital with Bro. Cowley to administer to a couple of people. One was a woman hurt in an auto accident in Hilo. Blanche Noonan by name. Another saw us there and rushed up and asked us to come into his room. He offered wonderful blessings and it was a privilege to be with him. Tonight I went out to Geo. and Irene’s for a usual fine dinner. I wish that I could repay them in some way for their kindness.

March 9, 1949 (Wednesday):

    This morning I called Pres. Smith in Hilo at the request of Bro. Cowley and informed him that the Moyles were going over there on Friday. Pres. Smith was not very pleased. I got a lot of joy this afternoon out of trying to work out an Easter Program. I composed a piece of poetry to fit the song “Sweet is the Work.” It was a challenge to my ingenuity but fun nevertheless and I finally succeeded getting something out of it.

March 10, 1949 (Thursday):

    I worked on an Easter Program all day today and this afternoon I went out to the Hospital to see some servicemen who were ill. Tonight I had dinner at Hallstroms and enjoyed it much as usual - felt quite tired tonight.

March 11, 1949 (Friday):

    Today I went down to meet the “Aoranzi”[?] that arrived from New Zealand and Australia carrying a load of missionaries and several Saints on their way to Salt Lake. I was pleased to see Omer Morris and he looked handsomely tanned. He was in Australia. I got a big kick out of seeing Bro Cowley rub noses with some of the Maoris - I wish that I had a picture of it. One of the main reasons I went down there was to see Elder Hyde (John) but he had changed so much that I didn’t recognize him. I finally did find him. Tonight had dinner at Geo. Q. and Irene’s and then all went to a couple of mystery thrillers for the kids sake.

March 12, 1949 (Saturday):

    I got a lot of odd jobs done today - ran down town and did a lot of things that have been weighing on my shoulders. I also enjoyed a nap this afternoon to the tune of the Metropolitan opera. Was a most profitable day.

March 13, 1949 (Sunday):

    Met John Hyde in Sunday School and priesthood meeting this morning and enjoyed a fine visit with him. We are planning to get together tomorrow night. After Sunday School I went out to dinner at George and Irene’s as per usual and had chicken again. Later on the afternoon we picked up the Moyles and Mrs. Hays and then went over to their place for a snack. John Hyde spoke in church this evening along with several others. After church I enjoyed an evening over with the Sisters.

March 14, 1949 (Monday):

    Last night I went out with John Hyde and his companion Elder Allen. First we went to dinner at the Honolulu Café and then down to the Waikiki Theater where we saw the picture “Three Musketeers” with a whole slew of stars. It was a wonderful picture and about the best that I have seen in a few years. I enjoyed talking with John and considered myself fortunate to have been privileged to work under the conditions that we have rather than some that he was forced to be in. It looks like I may get to go out deep sea fishing with them on Wednesday.

March 15, 1949 (Tuesday):

    I completed the Sunday School Anniversary Conference Program today and got a good start on the Aaronic Priesthood. This evening I was invited over to dinner at the Sisters but I refused because of the usual Tuesday date with George and Irene. Anyway George didn’t come by and so I fixed something quick. After that Geo. Q. Jr. came in with a bowl of meat and some cookies for my dinner. It was surely sweet of them. I went to the Waikiki M.I. A. tonight.

March 16, 1949 (Wednesday):

    I worked long and hard today and just about completed an Aaronic Priesthood Project which will be used in connection with our Summer or late spring auxiliary conferences. It should be quite successful. During the day I married a couple from Maui - the boy was 18 and his girl 15.[98]  They were married under edict of the court. Tonight I took Emerson/Hallstrom to the local chapter of the A.S.G.E. Meeting. It was a good meal and a very interesting meeting. The speaker gave a lecture on submarine canyons.

March 17, 1949 (Thursday):

    Today was quit busy in the office. This evening I happened to drive out to Waikiki or I should say, Pearl Harbor with John Hyde and Elder Allen - they were invited out to dinner at Margaret Pool McMillan’s of the 18th Ward. When we got out there she invited me to stay and so I did and we had a delightful meal and evening.

March 18, 1949 (Friday):

    This morning I got up at 4:30 and went out to Laie to pick up the McLeans to get them in town for a morning plane. John Hyde and Elder Allen went along for the ride. After that I met a couple of planes around noon expecting four Elders who are on their way home - however only two arrived at that time. Later on in the afternoon I met Pres’s Cowley[,] Smith and Weenig and several Elders. It was a day of traveling and [I] was worn out. In the evening I went over to watch the dance in the Stake Hall. Met Sam Kalama of Molokai who was over here after being set apart to go to Japan on a mission. Elder Cox stayed with me tonight.

March 19, 1949 (Saturday):

    This morning I awoke after a trying experience with Elder Cox - it is surely pitiful. Early, I went over to the Tabernacle and married another young couple - the girl was 17 and the boy 19.[99]  It is surely too bad to see them get off to a start like that. After, I went to Laie to the Hukilau - driving out with Elder Gardner and coming back in with the Sisters and Elders Hyde and Allen. We went to the Temple and had an enjoyable day. John Hyde surely hasn’t changed much in other ways. This evening I had quite a talk with Pres. Smith.

March 20, 1949 (Sunday):

    This morning I presented a subject in Priesthood meeting and then got assigned to take next Sundays lesson. Afterward we had a very fine Sunday School. After Sunday School I met Angus Cannon and his wife, an Italian woman and we were all invited out to Geo. Cannons for dinner. Angus has to go to Fort DeRussy to check up on his officer’s club and went with them and was shown around, and then I directed them out to Geo. and Irene’s. We had a wonderful dinner at Geo. and Irene’s after that. Pres. Frank Woolley gave a wonderful talk in sacrament meeting tonight and it really hit down the middle lane. Afterwards I went over [to] the Sisters and had a dish of ice cream and enjoyed a fine evening.

March 21, 1949 (Monday):

    The Lurline arrived this morning bringing in Elders Richards, Betts, McKay, Tanneman.[100]  Elder Betts is Lamar Betts, the son of the painter and seemed to be a fine fellow. Today I got a big kick of playing cupid and trying to get Sis. Wintch and John Hyde together. Sis. Wintch felt pretty badly and I got a lot of fun out of watching them. John and companion left on the plane for  home and we went out to see them. Elders Gardner, Lawrence, Park, Clark, Cox, Allan and Dickson left on the Lurline this afternoon. I really got the spirit of Hawaii and felt as though my time were near.

March 22, 1949 (Tuesday):

    This morning I got a little upset over a little thing that happened in the office and so I came back and prayed about it and came to the conclusion that the thing to do was to go to Pres. Smith and talk it over with him. I did talk it over and I think that we both felt much better about it all. Elder LaMar Betts was assigned to work and live with me and it will be a pleasant change. Tonight I went out to George and Irene’s for dinner again and had an enjoyable time.

March 23, 1949 (Wednesday):

    Elder Horace Richards, an older man of Brigham City, and former Bishop got off for Lahaina this afternoon and then I helped Elder Betts get set on fixing up the Mission Historical Record. Later on during the afternoon I helped him move his things over to my room and it looks like everything will be fine because he surely is a high type fellow. Tonight George and Irene picked us up and took us down to Fort DeRussy to go to dinner at the Invitation of Angus Cannon and wife. After dinner they played bingo and slot machines - what a way to break in a new missionary. Loaned an Articles of Faith to a Jewish Refugee who is the army this afternoon.

March 24, 1949 (Thursday):

    I awoke this morning with quite a severe toothache and so this afternoon I went to visit Dr. Muira, who took an x-ray and I have to go back tomorrow and have it fixed up. A useful day at work - this Elder Betts surely seems to be a fine fellow. Late this afternoon we went over to Waikiki Beach with the Hallstroms. The water was wonderful and later we also had a very fine meal, and ended up by taking about half of it back with us. This afternoon I got a beautifully loud Aloha shirt.

March 25, 1949 (Friday):

    Today was one that was mixed with a varied type of activity. I tried to do about a dozen things and don’t know of anything off hand that I got finished. I went to the Dentist this afternoon - Elder Betts went to the Temple with Elder Hanneman. Tonight Freddy Gonzales came in and talked away about two hours and I had a couple of lessons to prepare so it quite hurt.

March 26, 1949 (Saturday):

    This morning Elder Betts and I got up and cleaned the room and then went over to the office and worked good and hard and got those Instruction Books finished. I spent about an hour after that studying and then it was time to go over to the Sisters place to cook spaghetti - it really turned out good this time and then we all went out to a show. Again I studied an hour or so after the show but couldn’t go on because [of] need of sleep.

March 27, 1949 (Sunday):

    Again this morning I hit the trail early and got a couple of hours of study in before Priesthood meeting preparing the lessons. I gave the Priesthood lesson on the Expulsion of the Saints from Missouri. I also gave the Sunday School lesson to a large group in the investigator class, and I must acknowledge the help and aid of Heavenly Father because [He] touched my mind and I was able to speak freely and thoughts flowed rapidly. I spent the balance of the day at George and Irene’s and this evening a Brother Willey spoke - he is a distant relative - it was a fine talk.


    A small, coat-pocket type, journal contains some pages that are lined and other pages that are blank. Tucked inside, about one-fourth of the way in, are entries for March 28, 1949 through April 10, 1949 (set forth below). Elsewhere in the journal are three pages of Hawaiian words and their English meanings, typed and handwritten snippets for use in talks, such as “Adaptability,” “Character,” “Habits,” “Too Much Ease,” and “The Rope of Faith.” There are also handwritten notes of peoples names, dates, etc.

    One page lists various dates of blessings, baptisms, etc. for Mom and Dad as follows:

    Blessed - Aug 1, 1926     James A. Melville Jr.
    Bapt.        Feb. 2, 1935    Benj. Orson Goddard
    Blessed    Feb 3, 1935        Horace A. Sorensen
    Blessed - May 31, 1925    C. Clarence Neslen
    Bapt.        May 6, 1933    Warner A. Hardy
    Conf[101]  Blessed    May 7, 1933    E.Q.C. [Edwin Q. Cannon]
    Deacon     Feb. 7, 1937    David J. Watts
    Teacher    Apr. 14, 1940    EQC
    Elder        June 20, 1943    E.Q.C.

March 28, 1949 (Monday):

    Arrived on Kauai this afternoon with Elder Jerry Hayes, and Elder Kuny went out on the same plane for Oahu and the Kauis were down there to see him off. Visited Keleaha Mission Home on the way, and was quite impressed with it - it was neat and Elders were out. Also stopped at Lihue and saw the Souzas and home and it was also neat. Souzas gave Elder Hayes a royal welcome. Handed the book of instructions over to Elder Nichols and went through with him. Will have to watch him on those, too officious. Found Elder MacLean in bad shape - had been out with Sis Haase and he could hardly breath. They seem to think that he has sinus trouble, but Dr. Cockett says that he has Hay Fever, and should be moved. We administered to him last night and then I retired to the Sheldons to stay for the evening and talked to Sis. Sheldon. Pressed suit $.50 Postage .90 all.

March 29, 1949 (Tuesday):

    Land. written authority by Pres. Wooley 

    Catholics already have land for school in Lihue. Grove Farm is opening up land - soon[,] confidential source next year - near Lihue Nursery and Grammar School. Send material to Sis. Battad sample of each so   Pennies - send to Mission    Kauai already collected   Sis Battad will make awards at District Conference.

    Visited Dick Patterson, Bro. Kulan[,] Mr. Aiu in the county Bldg. and then went over and talked with Sis. Aiu for quite a little while. Felt Bro. Kilau out on this position and it looks like it will work out alright. Afterwards went to see Harold Ching and wife and they took us to lunch at Huleia, their home, and Elder and Sis Brown were there. Then visited Bro. Soong in County Bldg. and Sis. Soong in Circuit Court. Came back to Kapaa, saw Sam Takemoto, Sis. Battad[,] George Kondo and wife invited us for Saimin and sukiyaki steak which was filling, and finished up afternoon by visiting Muriel Fernandez, Mr. Takeshera, Ben Ohai Jr., the Valdez Family and Clara Ohai plus the Filipino girl that Reynolds married. After we returned and watched Henry Sheldon’s Judo Class - much impressed - keeps kids so tired that they can’t be delinquent. This evening we visited Sam Maikoi, Clara Kupuli, and spent balance talking with Bro. and Sis. Battad on M.I.A. and Primary work. Stayed night at Sheldons room[?].

March 30, 1949 (Wednesday):

     Saw Jack Morris got address - they had new baby Jan. 1, 1949. Sis. Soong wants to do Clerical missionary work. Mission will furnish awards. Kapaa wants to furnish whole thing and call their own for a Relief Society Bldg. want to call it their own. Visited Dr. Cockett this morning, then Sis. Kubo. Had lunch with Chas. Kulan in Lihue and asked him to take this new job as Fin. Sec. - He accepted and was quite pleased about it. Went to Sis. Aiu’s where I wrote Pres. Smith and met Sis. Brown and Sis Watanabe. After went up to Kehapana and saw the Kauis - Wilhelmina and Baby and Sarah and hers - baby looks like Stanford Mayor[?] - they have surely grown up a lot. Saw Dorothy Ohai and new baby girl. Had a wonderful steak dinner with all the trimmings at Soongs tonight. [An entry on a separate page shows Dad spent the night at Soongs.]

March 31, 1949 (Thursday):

    spent $1.00 for food. Had a wonderful ham and egg breakfast with Soongs. Elder Nichols and I got a ride from Kapaa to Lihue with Ray Fernandez in Truck and from Lihue to Koloa in Salvation Army car. Good to see Elder Taylor - was impressed to see way he is taking hold there. Visited Sis Puni head of Primary - she needs helps for from 10 - 15 pupils. Also Sunday School helps - Primary and Sunday School both on Sunday A.M. Also need Era receipt books. Haven’t received Easter program or Primary Conference Program. Went down to beach and visited Waialeale’s house. Ate at store with Elder Taylor down on beach and then visited Kuhio Memorial Park and was interested in it. Took a nap in afternoon for a while - then visited with a Fujimoto girl before dinner. Visited a Higle[?] Fellow who is an undertaker and wife - he has beautiful voice and She is an accomplished pianist. [Note on another page indicates Dad spent the night with the missionaries in Koloa].

April 1, 1949 (Friday):

    We ate breakfast with Elders in Koloa and set out walking this morning. We got ride into Lihue and then after no success Elder Nichols found $.50 and divided it for bus fare but we were finally picked up and found way to Kapaa alright. Picked up McLean’s trunk - spent .70 for food in Lihue .25 for asper gum - .15 for candy - .05 for paper. At Hanalei spent .25 cents for candy. Picked up letter at post office from Pres. Smith telling of approval of suggestions and his app. Fin Sec. for Koloa but suggested Recorder - I feel he was inspired. Met Elders at Kalihi Kai and then Drove to Hanalei where we met most of Saints. Told Primary and Sunday school helps Elder Bagley has converted R. E. Class to Primary so have two Primarys. Looked at property of man who wants $15,000 for home, 6 acres of taro land and house lot (2 lots 1/2 acre e). House would be sufficient for church.  Ate onions at Kal. Kai. Stayed at Koonas’s all night. Ate jerked turtle, poi, potatoe and crab salad etc. He is doing fine job - picks up people on Sunday in truck and takes to Church. Bro. Rueben needs help financially full Filipino - but really mingles.

April 2, 1949 (Saturday):

    Returned from Hanalei by way of Kal[ihi] Kai visited Elders. Visited Episc[opal] Minister Rev. Swanack who I met in Hono[lulu]. Went to Lihue saw Killaw[?] he was thrilled - am sure pres. Smith was inspired. Talked to Henry Sheldon over whelmed but thrilled so was wife and mother. Saw Bro. Haase and then saw Bro. Moa - all ok. spent .50 for cleaning and .70 for Listerine. Went to dinner at Battads tonight had steak and all the trimmings. Stayed at Soongs all night.

April 3, 1949 (Sunday):

    Write Pres. Smith
    Leave Friday 11:10
    Records for Sis Soong - what about dead records? M.I.A. of Kapaa - Initiated cultural arts program  Be more explicit in making out program - directions of  - for instance MIA. programs - Idea wasn’t quite gotten.  Sis. Aiu told story of conversion  .50 Fast Off.  Take care of lei at Lihue Store. Had a pleasant night at Soongs and then came to Sun. School. Fast Meeting was a wonderful experience . I set apart Henry Sheldon as Branch Pres. and Bro. Moa as first counselor. Released Bro. Haase for new position - a wonderful spirit was manifest. Had a big lunch at Sheldons - M.I.A. program this evening. Afterwards went to Quereto’s where Quereto’s and Billedo’s had a dinner - saw pictures of Mike and Marg.

April 4, 1949 (Monday):

    Spent $3.20 on gas and oil for car.  .29 candy bar - .55 food - .75 haircut, $1.80 - Ice Cream. Took Elders McLean to Kekaha visited Sis Vidinha - went to see Bro. Kinney and no one home.  Louisa Runnion - background in Japanese - her records are being transferred to C.P.M. wonderful leader said she would do what Pres. Smith would have her do. Went to Fernandes - Pays Nat’l Guard night and he got off after a short visit - he seems to have changed in some way. She has material she wants sent back with me on Saturday. Ray Boy asked about Marg and Michael - his Sunday School experience. Went to volley ball and basketball game afterwards. Nichols went for ice cream with me. [note on another page indicates he may have spent night at Huleia with Chings.]

    A letter dated April 4, 1949, from A. LeRoy Taylor, Dean of the College of Engineering, on University of Utah, School of Engineering, letterhead, addressed to Elder William W. Cannon, 1560 South Beretania Street, Honolulu 9, T. H.:

I am just in receipt of your letter, and, too, hardly realize that it is nine months since I saw you in Kauai. I talked to Dr. Cope this morning, and I am quite sure that he is favorable to employing you part-time next year. There will, however, be no summer work at all in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We are rapidly trying to entirely discontinue our summer courses. From my talk with Dr. Cope this morning, I take it that you will hear from him shortly. I hope you have a pleasant voyage home, and I shall be very pleased to see you again when you arrive.

    A letter dated April 4, 1949, from W. J. Cope, Professor and Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, on University of Utah, College of Engineering letterhead:

I was pleased to hear from you again and to learn of your interest in returning to the University. After our budget is approved next week, I will have more definite word for you concerning a part-time teaching position. I am confident that a satisfactory arrangement can be made. We are again offering graduate courses so that I am sure that a satisfactory study plan can also be arranged for you. The Mechanical Engineering Department will not be offering any courses this coming summer so that there will be no opening for teaching or graduate study during that time. I will write again as soon as our budget and staff plans are completed.

April 5, 1949 (Tuesday):

    Can’t keep hands off girls Got up in meeting and said “I’m a killer - am not afraid of anyone - am here to tell you people what to do - (Henry Sheldon) cause of upset in Kapaa as soon as he left, Chings -  Needs an older man - Beverly Aki and situation at Kekaha is in upset condition. Kapaa youth. Note: Mrs. Harold Ching, Box 1174 - Lihue, Kauai. Spiritual Growth in Kindergarten  Hazel West   8 children ages 3-11 information on Song Books to Sis Ching.  8 small Books of Mormon and Principles of G. Order from Salt Lake Joseph K. Kapaka - check record. Stayed at Chings all night. Had a delicious chicken dinner.

April 6, 1949 (Wednesday):

    Elder Clark was in when Pres. Smith called by - his car was
    Island Council - Bro. Ham Young feels he is on job and can’t
    Member of Branch Presidency doesn’t pay tithing. How can we inspire outsiders to join church when those in Church are doing wrong. We are pampering them and are consenting too. Only place it worked (council) was in Kapaa. A challenge that we have yet got to offer the solutions to. A shake up every two or three years - Kapaa  hold office only two years - Woman - Rittmeister of Hanapepe she is a hellcat - won’t accept in Branch what about vote? Daughter going to have a baby.
    Hanapepe Primary  Sis. Kaohi Primary Pres. About 8-10 children coming out. Holding it cojoints with M.I.A. Problem of Huleia - Sis Ching and Sis Kapapa  Talked to George Makamui on M.I.A. - not carrying out cultural arts. District Officers are solution to problem. Bill at Kauai Terminal  Fellow that has charge is a member of the Church. Attended a cottage meeting at Pakala - (Pakala is in Waimea Dist. but Clark has been taking care of it) Joe Hare an investigator who is well read attended - is going to be a fine member. He knows Sis. Needham - thrilled about her mission - he wants to talk to her. Ate dinner at Vidinha’s before cottage meeting, and then returned to Kalaheo to spend night.

April 7, 1949 (Thursday):

    Ate breakfast at Vidinhas[.] Paid $1.85 for gas and oil spent $.60 and returned to Kekaha. Temple Recommend - Edna Kilanano and common law man (Mary Kilanano over in Honolulu to fix them up) Money problems - Bro. Akita gave $40.00 to Keawe Aipoalani - never turned it in - Bro. Akita has receipt. Lizzie Aipoalani told him to go to work or else. Keawe Aipoalani has got position of Counselor - big boss over missionaries and Branch Pres. Elder Needfeldt indiscrete on experience with blessing man. Brother Aana - practices Kahuna instead of [?]. Keawe Blesses people - doctrine that it is the man not Priesthood goes alone. Dedicated water for baptism  do not - pg 138. Ceremony of baptism - should be acknowledged pg 137 Primary Duls.[?] - Costa died in Kekaha. Let Elder Nichols know. Kekaha Auxiliary Meeting. Relief Society Bldg at Kekaha claim that Pres. Smith wrote Elder B. and ok’d 50% of rebate? Elder B. took statement and returned in to Pres. Smith. Primary - Kekaha. Cut outs -needed - (statement not sent in) 20-25 children  report of Helps needed. Get statement of subscribers from Kekaha Branch check with Era Office. Sam Fong boy in Kalihi Ward ordained a deacon relatives in Kekaha (girls) want to go and do baptism work - family in Honolulu wrote over about this. stayed at Aipoalani.

April 8, 1949 (Friday):

    Waimea - not too much enthusiasm  Sis. Makuaole. 10-12 children sent material from Sis. Boyle. Elder (Nichols crossed out) chidsos[?] showing C.P.M. Elders our Saints. Left Waimea - went out with Bro. Smith visiting - saw Bro. Aana ate lunch at Yorkmans and then left for Kapaa.  Captain Sheldon was hit by a car - fractured pelvis in two places and broke ankle. Sis. Meyers called - trouble with Kupihea family. Ate Dinner at Mission Home and then stayed at Sheldons. Saw a show “My Dog Rusty” on understanding of children. bought a suit at Kekaha for $26.00 - originally $42.50. spent .35 for show - spent .20 for ice cream.

April 9, 1949 (Saturday):

    After a fine night at Sheldon I ate breakfast with them and then found the Capt. Sheldon had broken his pelvis in three places and his ankle - he is much better today. Looks like he may be retired. We all (missionaries) went up the Wailua River this A.M. where we held a meeting and then went swimming - water was wonderful and then returned. have cancelled check  Letter received from Sis. Meyers Sister regarding her father having - $480.00 paid - $420.00 Sis. Meyers as a member of Church and not family. Paid $1.00 for missionary outing .75 to have suit fixed. Nichols went to Waimea with Sis Meyers and Okimoto’s  McLeans and I went to Haases’s for dinner had a fine time and stayed there the night.

April 10, 1949 (Sunday):

    Had a fine night at Haase’s walked down was going to take Kims Jeep  to Kalihi Kai but too much rain. Presiding Officer  in Sub District - Trouble with Kinney and Kuloa - Branch Presidents are not being recognize  Elder Clark and Needfeldt are blunt. - Waimea High School Graduation over the weekend of the 3rd, 4th and 5th - work possible change Genealogical Society - putting an Holoken Ball in counse choir[?] with Kameha meha Day. Attitude of Sis. McLean - “I am Rep. Sis Sheldon


    After a gap between March 28, 1949 and April 9, 1949, the second journal resumes as follows:

April 10, 1949 (Sunday):

    Today is my 24th birthday and it passed by with much hard work and joy but unnoticed. Elder Nichols was in Waimea with the car and was scheduled to go to Kalihi Kai in Sis Kim’s Jeep - it rained badly and so I decided not to go and called up Kaoma’s and told them. I retired to study and then remembered blessing of Bro. Cowley’s - where weather would be tempered and so I went and got only showers, and didn’t get wet. Went to Hanapepe Union meeting and spoke for a half hour - enjoyed a fine spirit - set apart Louise Runnion, Chas Kilan and Bro. Haase as Dist. Officers. This evening I went to Waimea where I reorganized Branch Presidency - stayed at Justin Smiths all night.

April 11, 1949 (Monday):

    I left Kauai this morning at 8:30 - Bro. Aana took me to the airport after breakfast at Justin Smiths. Pres. Smith met me at the airport and then went to town to pick up Sisters Smith and Wintch - while there I went over to Nelson and checked on impending shipping strike and put reservations tentatively for next sailing for Elder Russon and myself. When I learned that boat was leaving on 13th instead of 15th and so it was decided that Russon shouldn’t go. I called Marg and got clear connection right through - she was surely excited. I was up in the air the balance of the day and Elder Betts and I finished up by going to George and Irene’s to dinner.

April 12, 1949 (Tuesday):

    I spent the day cleaning up everything in office - dictated a report on my Kauai trip to Sis. Hammond and was in conference with Pres. Smith for a while. Afternoon I went down and closed out my bank account, turned my marriage license [in] and picked up my tickets. Stopped in and saw A. L. Gonzales, Bro. Knapp, J. Em Hallstom and John Baird at Honolulu Savings and Loan. Also went to the Launderette and did my laundry. Tonight George and Irene had all the Sisters and Elder Betts and I out for a big dinner in honor of my departure and birthday - it was wonderful, and so are George and Irene.

April 13, 1949 (Wednesday):

    This morning I finished packing and then took care of odds and ends around the office such as a haircut etc. The Sisters cooked a big spaghetti dinner and Smiths furnished the Ice Cream - in my honor - I was touched to tears with their genuine regret at my departure. Everyone of them - Sis Wintch, Sis Hammond, Wilding Johnson are 100% - as is Elder Betts and the Smiths. I had a big group at Boat to see me off - the Office staff and Mary Jean - Al Ezell - Afoon and Ululani - Janice Hagist. I received 29 leis and a couple of presents from Afoon. The Lurline sailed at 4:00 pm and it was with mixed feelings that I left. My roommates are a Dr. Allen of N.Y. and Mr. Cook of Chicago. Karen Anderson Fahey and husband are also aboard.

April 14, 1949 (Thursday):

    Karen Fahey has been sick all day, and this afternoon it kind of got me but I managed to eat a full meal this evening and felt much better as a result. After dinner I saw the picture “Calamity Jane and Sam Bass” which proved to be very good. During the day I finished reading the “Roper” - a [?] story - interesting but that is about all.

April 15, 1949 (Friday):

    I felt much better this morning but my two roommates, Dr. Allen and Mr. Cook were under the weather and unable to eat breakfast. This afternoon Mr. Cook quizzed me on subjects related to the Church from everything from polygamy to Temples. He is an extremely high hyped fellow and doesn’t smoke. Also had an interesting talk with Dr. Allen - his wife had died a few years ago and he told, with wet eyes, of his great faith in the resurrection. He is a very lonely man. The food is good as usual and today has been quite lazy and enjoyable. I was set apart as a missionary 2 yrs ago today.

April 16, 1949 (Saturday):

    A calm day - I got a lot of sun and tonight saw a movie. Not very eventful.

April 17, 1949 (Sunday):

    It has been foggy and cold all day and it is rather evident that we are getting near San Francisco. Attended church services on board and a Navy Chaplain delivered a sermon on the resurrection and was struck noticeably with the difference between his conception of eternal life and ours. We saw several shark fins this afternoon and also a porpoise. This evening we had the aloha dinner and I ate more than I had eaten since the last aloha dinner 2 years ago - I had 2 main courses - roast beef and steak. Room mate - Francis Cook gave address as did Dr. Allen.

April 18, 1949 (Monday):

    After a hectic morning of getting my baggage checked, the ship docked in San Francisco and I found Marg waiting patiently at the dock and it was surely a thrill to see her and be with her again. Marg met Karen Anderson Fahey and husband and daughter and was quite impressed with her catch. We registered at the Chancellor Hotel rested and talked most of the day and ate dinner at a Sea Food restaurant - went to bed early.

April 19, 1949 (Tuesday):

    We went shopping this morning - also went over to Patrick Morse Kluacher[?] company and met Sig Kelso and Howard Patrick - was very much impressed and Mr. Patrick - he is an outstanding man. They invited us back tomorrow to go to lunch with them. After we went to a show “Take me out to the Ballgame” - quite good and a Technicolor with music. Late this afternoon we went out and saw A. C. Davenport and Mrs - they seemed older but haven’t changed much. We wound up the evening by going to the Fairmont Hotel - the  Venetian Room and heard Lena Horne. It was surely an expensive outfit.

April 20, 1949 (Wednesday):

    Again went out shopping and then to Patrick Co. where Mr. Pels took us through their plant. After that Mr. Pels and Mr. Patrick took us to lunch at the Palace Hotel, and what a beautiful Hotel it is. Mr. Patrick then took us out riding in his Buick car and we went over the Bridge, and visited Telegraph Hill, - saw Seal Rock and Cliff House. He was surely generous. This afternoon Joyce Orlob Evans picked us up at the Hotel and took us out to their nice apartment where we had dinner with them. Joyce’s mother and Sis Marlyn were there visiting from Salt Lake.

April 21, 1949 (Thursday):

    Checked out of the Hotel early this morning and then caught the Ferry which took us over to the Train. The Train is the California Zephyr and it is surely a beauty. Had a pleasant ride most of the day. Enjoyed riding in the Vista Dome with Marg except there was a lot of smoke up there.

April 22, 1949 (Friday):

    Arrived in Salt Lake at 5:20 A.M. and were met at the Depot by Mom, Pop, Ted, Mary, Bob, Mary Alice, Kathryn, and Pat, and Maynard. Was impressed with the change that has come over Mary Alice and of course Kathryn and Pat have changed a lot. Rode out to Sorensens with Maynard and we’ll stay here until Winn and Stu [Jardine][102]  vacate the duplex. Spent the balance of the day visiting relatives and Friends. Seemed good to be home in many ways but I can see that I am going to have to make quite an adjustment. Mike of course didn’t recognize me and he was quite jealous. The weather was beautiful.

April 23, 1949 (Saturday):

    We went for a ride this morning and took Mike to see the train - After that we went to Liberty Park and Mike played in Swings, shoot the slide and teeter totter, he could stay there all day and enjoy himself if we would let him. Again he exhibited quite a little jealousy.

April 24, 1949 (Sunday):

    Attended Sunday School and Priesthood meeting in 20th Ward - there were surely a lot of new faces and the old ones & many of them changed a good deal. Spoke in Sunday School and afterwards all of the family had a dinner out in the Folks back yard. This evening we listened to Television.

April 25, 1949 (Monday):

    A letter from W. J. Cope, Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, on University of Utah, College of Engineering letterhead, dated April 25, 1949:

    I have just sent to President Olpin the recommendation of the Department of Mechanical Engineering staff for your appointment as a graduate teaching assistant during the academic year 1949-50. Your duties would begin on the date of the first faculty meeting, September 19, 1949, and end on commencement day, June 13, 1950. We have planned an eight-credit-hour load in engineering mechanics for you with compensation at the rate of $66.00 per credit hour or a total of $1584.00 for the academic year. I am confident that the recommendation will be approved (official action can be expected early in May) and look forward to a pleasant association with you in our department tasks. I suggest that you get in touch with Dean Henry Erying of the Graduate School if you have not already done so. He will have some application forms for you and will want to know of your prospective position with us. I should tall you that the total of teaching credit hours plus registered credit hours for a graduate teaching assistant is limited to eighteen…”

May 3, 1949 (Tuesday):

    Had dinner at the home of Butch Lund tonight - 9th So. 5th East. His wife Alice was baptized on Saturday. They have two children - Kathy about 16 mon., and Claudia three months. Talked with Dr. Cope at the U. about lining up new position. Also talked with Merv Hogan and Dean Taylor.

    In Journal Book 3 there is a list of Hawaiian words and their English meanings next to them. There is also another book, kept by Mom, with Hawaiian words and their English meanings, as well as a pronunciation guide. There are only a few duplications between these two lists. Both of these lists are combined and presented below as follows:

Vowels:        A    E    I    O    U
Pronounced:        ah    eh    ee    -    oo

Consonants:        H    K    L    M    N    P    W
Pronounced:        hay    -    lah    moo    noo    -    way

ae            yes, constant
ahi            fire
aia            there
akua            god or gods  [God, spirit - other list]
aole            no, negative
apopo            tomorrow
aupuni            government, kingdom
baibala            Bible
E            call for attention
e hele kaua        let’s go
eia            here
ekalesia        church organization
haawi            give
halawai        meeting, to meet
heaha            what?
hele mai        come here
hemo            loose, untied, separated
hemolele        holy, perfect
hiki            arrive, to be able, accomplish
hoki            mule
hoku            star
holepule        church (house of prayer)
holoholo        to walk about
holoholo’olelo        gossip
honua            earth, flat land
hookano        to be proud, haughty
hookele        to steer, conduct
hookuu        dismiss, release, free, absolve
hoolaa            to consecrate, set apart
hooluu            to immerse
hoomaha        rest
hoomalimali        flatter
hoonani        glorify, honor, exalt
hoowalewale        to tempt, deceive, charm
how            new, again
hui            meeting
huila            wheel
huki            pull
ia            he, she or it
Iehoua            Jehovah
ihu            nose
iki            small
‘ili            skin
ilio            dog
iloko            within
imi            look for, see
imu            ground oven
ino            evil
inoa            name
ipo            sweetheart
iwaho            out, outside
ka, or ke        the, definite article, singular [of or belonging to]
kai            sea, ocean
kakahiaka        morning
kala            pardon, absolve
kalikiano        Christian
kanaka            general term for Hawaiians
kane            man
keia            this
keiki            child
kekaki            donkey
kela’            that
kinipopo        ball
kino            body
kipaku            banish, expel
kiu            wind storm
kokoke            soon
kokua            help, aid
komo            enter
kona            south
koolau            north
kopaa            sugar
kou            your, yours
kuaaina        back country
kuahau            genealogy
kuke            cook
kulikuli        hush!, shutup!
la            day, sun
la’au            stick
la’au make        poison
lana            to float
lanakila        conquest
lani            heaven
lapuwale        worthless
lawa            enough, ample
lawai’a            fishing
lele            to fly, jump
like            to be like
lio            horse
lipo            deep
loa            very, much, long
luahine            old woman
lulu            calm
mahana        warm
mahea            where?
mahina            moon
mai            hither
maika’i        good
makahiamoe        dowry
makai            toward the sea
makemake        desire, will
makou            we, plural exclusive
makua            a parent, full grown
makuahine        mother
makuakane        father
malihini        stranger, newcomer
maluhia        safety
mana            power, authority, might
manalo            sweet, as fresh water
manamana        a branch
manamanalima    finger
manamanawawae    toe
maopopo        plain, clear, to be sure
mau            for ever, constant, continuous
mauka            toward the mountains
mau’u            grass
me            like, with
mea            a thing, material
mea ono        cake
maona            filled, satisfied
mehana        warm
moku            ship
na            definite article, plural
nahelehele        weeds
nani            beautiful
nei            this, here, this time or place
niu            coconut
no            for
noho            chair
nou            yours, mine
ole            never ending
ono            delicious, sweet, good food
opae            shrimp
opio            young
pa’akiki        stubborn, tough
pake            Chinese
palena            boundary
pehea?            how?
pe’pe            baby
pilau            stink
po            night
poina            forget
pololei            straight, all right
pono’            loss or damage
poloka            frog
pololei            straight, upwrighteous
pomaikai        blessing
poo            chief, head
pu            together, with
pu’a            flower
pua’a            hog
puke, or buke        book
puuwai            heary
‘uhane            soul, spirit
uka            inland
waha            mouth
wai            water
wale            above, only
wela            hot
wikiwiki        fast, quick

hoopomaikai mai ke akua ia oe  - the Lord bless you
ke akua kiai mawai nohakou a hui hou - the Lord be with us until we meet again


[97]  Read Cannon is the son of Read Cannon and brother of Chauncey Cannon, living in Hawaii. 
[98]  Ethel Leinaala Pana, a member, was from Paia (see Record of Ordinances Performed).

[99]  This marriage is not listed in Record of Ordinances Performed.  

[100]  The name is probably “Hanneman.” See entry for March 25, 1949. 

[101]  Although the references following baptism state “blessed,” for both Mom and Dad, it is obvious that they are dates of confirmation, as also indicated by “conf” next to the words “blessed” by Dad’s ordinance.  

[102]   See entry for July 7, 1948