Saturday, March 19, 2022

Silverwood Lake - California

Silverwood Lake is a reservoir, backed up behind the Cedar Springs Dam, on the north side of the San Bernardino Mountains along the West Fork Mojave River at an elevation of 3,355 feet. It has a capacity to hold 73,000 acre feet of water and has a surface area of 976 acres. It is three miles long, from corner to corner and has a maximum depth of 166 feet. It is owned by the California State Water Project and is filled with water from the California aqueduct which brings it from northern California.  

I've visited twice this year birding, in particular looking for common mergansers. I didn't find them on the first visit in January, but did on my second visit in March. My activity there has been located near the marina and the beaches located to the west of it. Following are photos of some animals, mostly birds, that I've photographed:
Brewer's blackbird

Brewer's blackbird

California gull

Canada goose - landing.

Dark-eyed junco

Double-crested cormorant

Eared grebe

Gadwall (duck)

Great blue heron

Mallards (ducks)

Ruddy ducks

Greater scaup (ducks)

Lesser scaup (duck)

Hooded mergansers (ducks) - females

Male and females

Bufflehead (duck) - male

Bufflehead - female

California ground squirrel

Common mergansers (ducks)

Woodhouse's scrub-jay

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  1. When we lived in Crestline we would go out there.