Monday, July 19, 2021

Forster's Tern

On January 14, 2018 I saw some non-breeding Forster's terns at Merritt Island, Florida, although I only saw them after-the-fact in photos I'd taken.  On May 29, 2021 I saw a Forster's tern in breeding plumage near the Salton Sea at the man-made mitigation swamp between McDonald's Road and Hazard Road in Niland. On Saturday, July 18 I saw quite a few Forster's terns, both in breeding plumage and non-breeding plumage at the mitigation swamp in Niland. 
This Forster's tern is in non-breeding plumage. It is far better than my photo in Florida. The photo below is of the same bird. 

I'm assuming it is just leaving breeding season and this one still has a bill that is a little bit red. 

The rest of the photos are of Forster's terns in breeding plumage. 

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